Watering Can

For a lot of people, tending to their gardens and plants is nothing less than a passion. They shower these green spaces, with a lot of care and attention. Naturally there are many tools and implements available that make gardening not just easier but a real pleasure. A good watering can is one of them.


How the present day watering came into being

A watering can is a portable container that comes with a spout and is used to water plants, indoor or outdoor. Previously known as watering pot, this garden accessory got its present form in 1885 when a gardener called James Haws redesigned the watering pot and gave it the name watering can. His newly designed can provided even distribution to the weight of the water and gave greater control to the user when watering plants.

A watering can is essential for good gardening practices

Plants need water to survive and thrive. With water becoming scarce around the world it is important to follow practices that help in water conservation. A watering can makes sure that your plants receive just the amount of water needed for sustenance without extra wastage.

Watering cans also make it easier for the user to water plants with their user friendly designs. The sturdy handle makes it easy to take the weight of the water and the long spout helps you reach places which you cannot approach otherwise.

Different types of watering cans

Not all watering cans are the same. They come in many different types of materials in addition to different sizes and design to suit varied needs and tastes. Galvanized watering can: Easy to maintain and easy to use! These are ideal for rough usage and can be left in the garden in the worst of weather and still there will be no sign of rust or corrosion.

Plastic watering can

Trustworthy, reliable and non corrosive! If you leave it outside for days the only damage it might suffer is being blown away by the wind, otherwise, its really long lasting. Not the best option though if you are the environment friendly sorts.

Copper watering can

Very expensive and probably suitable for those who love collecting watering cans.

Brass watering can

Elegant though not too functional! These look great but are rather expensive and if at all, anyone invests in one, itís more for the visual effect rather than for any practical usage.

Ceramic watering can

Again more decorative than functional. They need to stay mainly indoors and if at all are taken outside, are used as decorative items.

Stainless Steel watering can

High on style and impact and functionality too! Stainless steel watering cans complement every modern home's tasteful decor. It looks stylish, is easy to maintain and is completely rust and corrosion free. With the right care, your stainless steel can watering can easily last you for a century. Another great plus is that it is totally recyclable and therefore very eco friendly!

Points to remember when buying a watering can

  • Large watering cans are suitable for gardens and backyards while smaller cans are used indoors
  • Choose a can with a removable rose ( the perforated attachment affixed to the nozzle) so that you can provide a gentle shower for small seedlings or a lot of water by fixing and removing the rose
  • Select a can with a long nozzle. Longer spouts will allow you pour water over a greater portion of your garden and help you reach places where you canít reach otherwise
  • Consider the type of plants youíll be watering. For seedlings, don't buy a can with large holes in the spout as a strong flow can damage these delicate plants. For hanging plants, a lightweight small can with a curved spout is the best.
  • Make sure the neck is tall enough to prevent water from spilling over, wetting you and getting wasted when you water the plants.
  • Ensure the handle or handles provide a comfortable grip and position.
  • Pay attention to how the watering can looks. Choose a design that enhances the ambiance of your garden. Good looking cans have great decorative appeal.
  • Choose the material with care. If you want something elegant and long lasting go for non corrosive metals like stainless steel.

Pick a watering can from our superb collection

Gardening will never be the same again once you take home a watering can from our stunning stainless steel collection. Brought to you in collaboration with Blomus and Zack, two of the leading manufacturers of ultra chic and contemporary home accessories, this range had cans in many cool designs, shapes and sizes for you to choose from. They are suitable both for indoor and outdoor usage.

If you have a green thumb, a watering can is a gardening accessory that you just canít do without. And if it offers both style and functionality, what more can you ask for?

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