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Gardens are naturally beautiful! You find the gifts of nature in abundance here – green grass, pretty flowers, shrubs and creepers, not to forget the charming visitors like birds and insects. If to this natural beauty, you add elegant and pleasing garden décor, you can create an outdoor paradise for yourself and your family. After all there’s nothing like being one with nature and if you have a garden that’s lush and thoughtfully done up, you will cherish this experience even more.


What comprises garden décor?

Garden décor means different things to different people. Some of us like to think of the greenery too as part of garden décor. For a lot of people, garden décor is a very broad term that encompasses garden furniture, planters, sculptures, garden art, fences and grilles and other garden décor articles like pinwheels, garden globes, trivets, garden stakes and sundials. Whatever the definition, garden décor if used appropriately can really enhance the charm of any garden.

Before you bring in the garden decor

It goes without saying that there is not much you can do with an overgrown, poorly maintained garden even if you have the best outdoor furniture and accessories at your disposal. The first step to decorating a garden is without argument, the care and maintenance of the green patches. This could mean anything moving the lawn, trimming the hedges, de-weeding or tidying up the flower beds. Only once this is done, can you move on to the next stage of furnishing and decorating.

Things to keep in mind when adding decor in your garden

Identify a focal point – Every garden should have a focal point. It becomes easier to design the rest of the space around it. This could be a gazebo, a fire pit, a rose pillar, a waterfall or a mural wall. You have to decide what works best for your space

Distribute evenly – Make sure every part of your garden has some décor element that enhances that particular area. Overloading one space too much disturbs the natural harmony of the outdoors.

Use height variation - Garden decor defines the space. Taller garden décor pieces add visual appeal in small spaces. Try and use varieties of height to smarten up your garden.

Hide the ugly – If there’s something in your garden that’s an eyesore but you can’t pull down or discard it, block it with climbers like ivy or vines and combine these with grilles or lattices if you can. These look great and will serve your purpose very well.

Create a harmony – Whatever you do, whatever you add as garden décor, make sure its all is in harmony with each other and with the natural surroundings of the garden. Nothing should look forced and out of place.

Don’t overcrowd – As with indoor spaces, filling up your garden with too many things isn’t going to work. Go for a few classy pieces instead of picking up whatever you come across.

Synergize with your interiors – As much as possible, have your outdoor décor reflect the character of your interiors. This doesn’t mean you place a leather sofa in your garden. It could be a synergy of colors, patterns and even materials.

Sustain and Maintain – Garden décor needs some upkeep and maintenance as it is exposed to all the elements of nature. Make sure you do regular wiping, cleaning, washing or polishing or whatever else is required to keep your décor pieces in good condition.

Take your pick of some of the classiest garden décor pieces

Our garden décor pieces are truly exclusive. Like the rest of our range, they are modern and extremely stylish and look beautiful in any outdoor space. In a natural sort of setting they provide the right contrast and in a modern setting they blend right in. They come to you from Blomus and notNeutral, two home décor companies that symbolize style and modernity. Blomus garden décor products are crafted from high end stainless steel and add panache to any space where they are used. notNeutral uses vibrant colors in its metallic garden décor range to create some truly unique pieces. You can choose from:
  • Blomus Garden Globes and stands – These are available in a range of sizes and can be used individually or as a set.
  • Blomus Home Numbers – Stainless steel numbers that make a gate or front door look very classy.
  • Blomus Sundials – A contemporary and stylish adaptation of an ancient instrument.
  • Blomus Pinwheels – Another modern version of this all time favorite.
  • notNeutral Trivets – These trivets bring a touch of nature to your tabletop inside or outdoors.
  • notNeutral Garden Stakes – These all-season stakes make an eye catching accessory for your garden.
Garden décor articles when combined with the right outdoor furniture and other elegant outdoor accessories can help you create a timeless, comfortable and welcoming outdoor living space. For you to enjoy with family and friends for years to come!.

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