Fire Pit

As the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces in homes slowly blurs, outdoor spaces are being treated with the same seriousness from a décor perspective as the interiors of a home. People are looking at interesting and innovative products to create warm and inviting patios, gardens and backyards. One such accessory that is extremely popular for outdoor spaces nowadays is the Fire Pit.


Modern Fire Pits are suitable for every kind of outdoor space

It’s a cold nippy evening and you want to be warm. But you also want to be outdoors. You wish you could carry the fireplace outdoors with you. Well the fire pit allows you to do just that. Not carry the fireplace, but the fire – yes! Fire pits are open, chimneyless holders of a burning fire; they are the fireplaces of the outdoors. Fire pits can be fixed or portable. A fixed pit has to be specially constructed in an outside space that is considerably large, so these are suitable for very big backyards and gardens that need to accommodate a large number of people at one time. Since it is custom made and usually made of concrete, it is naturally expensive. Portable fire pits on the other hand are for everybody! They can be conveniently placed wherever desired, however small the space, as they come in various sizes. They are available in an array of designs, materials and specifications. Iron, aluminum or stainless steel, wood or gas (natural or propane) fuelled, with or without cover, free standing or table top - whatever your need, there is a portable fire pit to match it.

Modern Fire Pits go beyond providing heat and warmth

Fire Pits as a concept go back a long time. Of course then there was none of the fancy stuff available that we have at our disposal now, but fire pits did exist in some form even in the ancient civilizations. It was the best way to tame a fire and use it as effectively as possible to cook or to warm up a space or both. The basic purpose of a fire pit remains the same even now thousands of years later. The added benefit now is that it works as a great focal point of an outdoor area and literally holds that space together. You may have noticed in outdoor parties, the moment the fire gets going, everyone is automatically drawn towards the fire pit. Soon you have a wonderful gathering of people eating, talking, laughing and simply enjoying themselves.

Why everyone loves Fire Pits

  • It’s simple, neat, inexpensive and easy to use.
  • It’s a fabulous outdoor centerpiece that can be enjoyed through the year and not just in the winter. In the summer, you can use it more for aesthetic appeal and arrange the seating away from the fire. In the winter, function is more important than aesthetics and you and your guests can sit closer to the fire.
  • It can easily be used in place of a barbeque grill with the help of suitable cooking accessories like grilling racks, skewers etc. Everyone can even cook their own food as they enjoy the heat and warmth of the fire pit.
  • It imparts natural warmth to the environment, making everyone feel comfortable and at home.
  • It is completely portable and can be taken along when you go camping or on a picnic, where it can double up as a cooking device.
  • It’s a great alternative to a campfire which everybody loves but not many have the outdoor space to enjoy. Also large open fires are banned in some places due to safety regulations and the fire pit can provide the same environment in a contained fashion.
  • It also comes in a gas variant that uses either natural gas or propane as the fuel. This is ideal for people who don’t want to use wood as a fuel.
  • It looks fabulous and some models have designs cut out in the fire pits sidewalls that cast beautiful shadows, adding a mystique to the ambience.
  • It is designed with user safety in mind. Some models even come with a mesh screen to catch flying cinders and ash.

Check out our range of fire pits

We bring you the Blomus range of stainless steel fire pits that radiate modernity and sophistication. The Blomus Fire pit can be a wonderful addition to your outdoor space as it provides you perfect functionality along with style and elegance. These fire pits reflect the philosophy of the company that makes design a part of everyday life for people through its range of home products. The Blomus fire pit range includes:
  • Blomus Atrio Fire Basket
  • Blomus Fuoco Tabletop Gel Firepit
  • Blomus Tera Fire Basket

Fire pits add instant warmth to the surroundings. The new sleek models look great and can make any outdoor space really sparkle. Add some comfortable seating around the fire pit, organize good food and drink, put on some music and you’re ready to party. Or simply relax in the company of friend and family.

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