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A beautiful home just doesn’t mean great looking interiors. It also means tastefully done up outdoors. This could be your balcony, the patio or your garden or backyard. With the easy availability of  stylish outdoor furniture and great outdoor accessories these days, creating a stunning outdoor space is not difficult at all. With a little creativity and the right resources, you can create an elegant outdoor area to read, relax and entertain.


Decorate and accessorize your outdoors with care and attention

Imagine waking out of a stunning home into an unkempt, uncared for garden, patio or backyard. What kind of an impression would that leave? A good looking outdoor space truly complements your well designed interiors. In a way it completes your home, making it truly and completely beautiful…inside, out. So let the spirit of your home flow into your outdoors. Take as much effort in designing and decorating your outdoor spaces as you have done with your interiors.

Nature provides a lot of beauty to your garden and backyard. In a way half your work is already done. You just need to add elements that augment this natural splendor without being too overwhelming. Then you will be able to achieve that perfect balance of the natural with the man made where everything blends in perfectly and yet has an individual identity.

What should you consider before you start buying your outdoor accessories and furniture?

Don’t just pick up things and arrange them randomly. Decorating the outdoors too has to be done systematically.
  • Start with deciding what kind of a space you want to create. Is it going to be a romantic area or a kid friendly place? Or a family area with equal emphasis on child and adult space? A space needs to be treated depending on what you’re going to use it for.
  • Work within a budget. It always helps to know your limitations and you won’t have to deal with a half finished project that ran out of funds later.
  • Make a floor plan. Figure out how much furniture you can use in the earmarked area without making it look too cluttered. Same goes for the outdoor accessories. What’s the point of buying a fire pit or a swing if you don’t have space for these?
  • Let your outdoor setting have the best view. If you’re lucky you might have a natural view of the mountains or the sea. If not, try and face whatever looks the best in that setting. It could be a bed or roses or an outdoor waterfall or anything else. Except the clothesline of course!
  • One you have all the above figured out, there’s nothing to stop you from shopping. And you can start right here!

Create a gorgeous outdoor space with our exquisite outdoor accessories

The outdoor accessory and furniture range is wide and varied. The most popular outdoor products include hammocks, garden and patio furniture in a range of materials, fire pits, gardening tools, torches and candle holders, planters, post boxes, trivets, sundials, wind chimes, pinwheels and garden globes to name a few. All these if used at the appropriate place in the right manner can tremendous appeal to an outdoor space.

We bring you the most exclusive outdoor products made out of the finest materials like high end stainless steel, from some of the most reputed names in the home décor business. Among these are BlomusnotNeutral, Zack, Hammocks and Umbra, all known for their highly innovative, stylish and durable home décor products. Our range of outdoor accessories includes:

Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders - You can have lovely birds flock to your garden by putting up your own bird feeder from this pure stainless steel collection.

Fire Pits

Fire Pits – These are ideal for those chilly evening when you’d love something to keep you warm outdoors. Both floor and table top fire pits are available in this range.

Garden décor products

Garden décor products – This comprises an array of interesting garden décor products like stainless steel garden globes, pinwheels, trivets, sundials, house name letters and garden stakes, all designed and crafted to perfection

Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools – Elegant stainless steel watering cans, spray bottles and garden pots make up our gardening tool collection. Now you can tend to your plants in style!


Hammocks – Hammocks are associated with ultimate comfort. Our hammocks and hammock accessories promise just that along with immense style and elegance.

Lamps and Torches

Lamps and Torches – These are the ideal lighting options for the outdoors as they hold candles which emit a soft and subdued glow and this sets the right mood for a cozy or intimate evening outdoors.


Planters – The perfect and smart companions for your plants. You can really make your plants sparkle when you place them in these stunning stainless steel planters.

Post Boxes

Post Boxes – These chic post boxes add a touch of class to your front door or gate.

In addition to these contemporary outdoor accessories, there is an extensive collection of stylish garden and patio furniture from Cedar Furniture and Modern Furniture, two of the leading manufacturers of outdoor furniture. Their range is crafted out of top end materials that are specially treated to weather the outdoor elements.

So bring out some good furniture, throw in a few colorful cushions and rugs, add some stylish accessories, give it you own special touch and create a warm, personal and pleasing outdoor space which you can enjoy not just with family and friends but also when you’re on your own.

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