Bird Feeder

Do you love watching birds?

It is one of the most fulfilling ways to occupy your self on a lazy afternoon or a relaxing vacation. Birds can add color and enthusiasm in our lives. One of the simplest ways of bird watching is to have bird feeders in place to attract birds. Your house will transform into a bird sanctuary within no time. Bird feeders are objects used to feed bird food to the birds. They are usually placed in backyards or any other convenient place where birds can visit them.


The need to feed the birds

Some people feed birds because it is a popular hobby. Others feed them for their love for birds and the pleasure they derive from their melodious sounds and flattering wings. The natural food available for birds is not enough and most of them have lost their natural habitats. Wild Birds feed on insects, mosquitoes thereby helping us in getting rid of them. It is interesting and educational for kids to observe birds closely. They can learn about the varieties of birds, their habits etc.

What to feed the birds?

Just as we enjoy variety in our food, birds also like variety. They eat nectar, fruits, plants, carrion, seeds, insects, peanut butter, suet, nuts, bread scraps, bread crumbs, raisins, corn, oats, thistle etc. Birds do not have teeth to chew food, they swallow. Bird seed is the most common food among all kinds of birds. It could be sunflower seed, nyjer ,millet or any other variety of seed. Birds need a mix of protein and fat in their food. Birds like humming birds and orioles do not enjoy the normal bird food. They drink sweet nectar. Some birds also require water while others obtain water from the food they eat. It is not advisable to feed the birds with food other than the food they are accustomed to. Bird food should be decided depending upon the kinds of birds that frequent your bird feeder.

Types of bird feeders

Bird feeders are available in different varieties.
  • Seed feeders are the most common type of feeders. Suitable for sunflower seeds or mixed seeds.
  • Platform feeders: These are simplest of all feeders, they are low tables. These feeders attract all kinds of birds but are most suitable for cardinals and doves.
  • Tube feeders: These types of feeders are best suited for smaller birds like finches and chickadees.
  • Finch feeders: Suitable only for finches, they have tiny openings for smaller seeds.
  • Hopper feeders: they match with your surroundings and are very convenient .Can be used for all kinds of birds.
  • Window feeders: If you want to enjoy watching the birds eat, go for this one.
  • Suet feeder: This feeder is used to feed the birds with protein snacks.
  • Squirrel proof feeder: As the name suggests, this feeder keeps the squirrels away.
  • Humming bird feeders and oriole feeders are specifically for humming birds and orioles, they supply liquid feed.

How to choose the right one?

It is important to decide the kinds of birds you want to attract. It calls for some research n your favorite bird. Find out the food preferences, some birds find it convenient to feed from hanging feeders, others may enjoy feeding from platform feeders. Ideally, the bird feeders should be placed near trees and shrubs for a natural feel. Feeders placed at different levels attract the birds.

Latest in bird feeders

We have new and exciting variety of bird feeders for you t enjoy a bird friendly environment. These bird feeders are designed to cater to all possible requirements. These feeders are easy to use, hygienic, safe, hold large amounts of bird food and water and are also bird friendly. These feeders can be placed at the window sills, excellent for a close view. For a sophisticated look, opt for Blomus bird feeders made from metal. They are attractive and the designs are unique. These bird feeders will not dig a hole in your pocket.

Precautions to be taken

Feeding the birds can be enjoyable but certain precautions need to be taken. Birds need to be protected from the diseases that could be result of poor feeding and watering methods. The feeders need to be disinfected from time to time, the quality of the feed should be checked. Birds coming to the feeders run the risk of being attacked by cats or other animals, therefore the feeders should be placed at a safe place.

In order to make your bird watching experience a memorable one, invest in a bird feeder of your choice. Check out our latest range of bird feeders


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