Trash Can

There is a home, there is trash .Trash is nothing but the unwanted stuff. Proper arrangements for trash disposal need to be made for good house keeping. Trash can be of various types - waste papers, fast food wrappers, Styrofoam cups, napkins, soft drink bottles, beer cans, tissues, kitchen waste and food left-cover's etc.


For convenient disposal of trash, we bring to you trash cans and bin liners that not only serve the purpose but also look great.

Bin liners manufactured by Barbantia Canada

Trash cans cannot do without easy to use, good quality and long lasting Bin liners. Choose according to the size of your trash can. These bin liners are easy to use. Available in different sizes to match the size of the trash can - 5ltr, 12ltr, 20ltr, 30ltr, 50ltr.The liners come with ventilation holes and are made from good quality plastic.

Some Varieties of Trash cans

  • Stainless steel standing ashtray from Blomus casa, simple yet classy
  • Push boy trash cans manufactured by Blomus come in stainless steel finish. Push the trash in through the hole
  • Peda bin from Blomus Nexio works with a pedal, press the pedal and the lid opens.
  • Simple, airy waste paper basket from Blomus Pako, Blomus slice, Blomus Squaro and Blomus Symbolo.
  • Blomus slice and Blomus squaro brings to you stylish bathroom bins for spic and span bathrooms.
  • Rectangular 25 ltr touch bins from Barbantia come in different sizes. Just touch the bins lightly and the waste disappears. They are easy to clean and are suitable for all types of kitchens.
  • Black built in bin by Barbantia is well suited for wet areas because the base is raised above the floor. It is easy to use and maintain.
  • The unique Barbantia brilliant steel paper box is specifically designed for magazines and newspapers of all sizes.
  • Pedal bin from Barbantia is made of steel. This stylish bin is opened with the use of the pedal. Just touch the pedal lightly and the bin pens t take in all the waste! It comes in round and rectangular shapes.
  • The new and exciting Built in separator bin from Barbantia comes with two removable buckets to separate the different types of waste.
  • You donít have to bend to dispose off the trash. Thanks to the innovative Comfort bin from Barbantia. This bin is so Easy to use, maintain and operate.
  • Another stylish waste disposal option is the conical paper bin from Barbantia. The special feature is the removable top and bottom rim for protection and convenience.
  • A pedal bin with a difference! This sturdy, durable, odor proof, convenient bin comes in attractive deep red color from Barbantia.
  • Check out the amazing white pedal bin from Barbantia. You sure want t have it in your kitchen!
  • Waste bin from Eva solo is an exquisite waste disposal option and is sure to transform the look of your kitchen, home or office.
  • What a trash can! Garbino Can glass designed by umbra is out of this world. It comes in lovely metallic shades like blue, rouge, platinum and espresso. Also check out the ones in matt finish - Garbino can matte
  • Exquisitely designed Orvino waste cans from umbra are made from melamine and come in black, blue, white, red and brown colors.
Some other varieties are Stainless steel Vandera waste paper basket from Zack, stainless steel Tondo waste paper basket from Zack, Step cans from Umbra, Stainless steel pedal bin from Zack Foccio and lots more.

This isnít all, there are lots more varieties of trash cans, waste paper baskets and bins from well known brands like Blomus, Zack, Umbra etc. These trash cans and bins can be used anywhere, they will ensure that your trash is taken care of in the most stylish fashion!

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