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It is said that a picture can speak a thousand words. Human beings are attracted to what appeals to the senses. By nature, people are drawn to things that are attractive, appealing, and good-looking. This is also true in case of the food we eat. If the food looks appetizing, and is served in a stylish and attractive manner, it is sure to appeal to one and all. In fact, even if the meal itself is simple and sans fanfare, but is served in good tableware, it appeals to us. Most households have a couple of crockery sets, some for daily use and the more delicate and dainty ones for special occasions.


The Importance of Good TableWare

Now you can make every meal an every occasion to celebrate. Serve your family with style with the wide collection of tableware from Vital Ware. Some of the ways in which you can enhance the beauty of your table is as follows:
  • Stylish dinnerware, which adds a touch of class and elegance to any dinner party that you host 
  • Good looking cutlery, which is an important and integral part of any meal
  • Matching napkins and placemats, the special accessories which add to the beauty of your dining table and give you the feeling of dining in a restaurant
  • Trendy and smart napkin holders to allow you to make a style statement, and impress your guests and family members
Vital Wares brings a wide range of attractive tableware which are an asset for every household. Now you can enhance the beauty of your table. For guests and special occasions, Vital Wares offers a wide range of beautiful tableware. Now even you can impress your guests with the cutlery, dinnerware, cruets and much more.

Dinnerware: An Integral Part Of Any TableWare

Vital Ware brings with itself a wide range of exciting dinnerware. The notNeutral Dinner Plate Set for instance, is subtle, and at the same time, bold enough to make a style statement. The attractive designs are not only elegant and classical, but also extremely attractive. These porcelain plates are dishwasher and microwave safe, and very easy to maintain. Available in various designs, these plates from Poland are a coveted possession for every household.

The notNeutral Serving Bowl comes in two sizes - 9" diameter Small Serving Bowl and 10.25" diameter Large Serving Bowl. This serving bowl is ideal for serving vegetables. The attractive design is sure to appeal to the artistic side of your personality.

Vital Wares also offers attractive mugs. The notNeutral Mug with Handle allows you to enjoy your tea or coffee while you admire the beauty of this mug. The bold and unique design of this mug is sure to impress your family members and guests alike.

TableWare for the Spices

Spices are an integral part of every meal. Can you imagine how tasteless and bland a dish would be without salt? Pepper adds the required tanginess to any dish. Many people prefer to add a dash of salt and pepper to their dish once it is served on the table, in addition to what has already been added while cooking. Therefore most people keep a dish of salt and pepper on the dining table. There are a number of attractive salt and pepper dishes available these days. You even have some pepper holders which come equipped with a grinder, allowing you the pleasure of enjoying freshly ground pepper. Vital Wares has a wide range of salt and pepper holders. The Ironwood Cherry/Oak/Acrylic Peppermill for instance, is constructed using ceramic grinding mechanism. Now you can grind not only pepper, but also some of your favorite spices. The beautifully designed salt and pepper holders are sure to enhance the beauty of your table. Another attractive option is the Zack Tavola Stainless Steel Pepper Mill. Made from high grade brushed stainless steel, this grinder is not only stylish, but also very sturdy and durable. With this grinder, grinding peppercorns or similar spices is now very easy.

Stylish TableWare for Breakfast

Butter forms an integral part of one’s daily diet. After all, most morning breakfasts start with bread and butter, or toast with butter. Bread without butter would be absolutely tasteless and bland. Most people overlook the manner in which the butter is served, often serving it in the same containers in which it was purchased from the supermarket. However these days there is a variety of attractive and stylish butter dishes. The Zack Contas Stainless Steel Butter Dish from Vital Ware for example is stylish and elegant. Whether you place it in the kitchen, dining table, or kitchen platform, this dish is sure to blend with the décor, and yet make a bold statement. The Blomus Desa Butter Dish is another attractive option. Made of porcelain and silicone, this butter dish is indeed fancy and chic.

Placemats and More

No service is complete without placemats. Placemats add that touch of class and style to the entire meal. Whether it is just the family that is dining together, or you have a formal dinner, placemats are extremely important to complete your service.

The Importance of Good Cutlery

The importance of good cutlery cannot be undermined. Just as dinnerware is important, so also is the cutlery accompanying it. Vital Wares offers a range of good looking and stylish cutlery. The Zack Pure Stainless Steel 16-piece Cutlery Set for instance, is an exotic 16 piece cutlery set from Pure range. Just ideal for a small family get together, this set has four tea spoons, four tablespoons, four forks and four knives.

When you are planning a big party, the Zack Posata Stainless Steel Cutlery Box is your ideal companion. This beautiful, oval canister provides accessible storage in its 4 compartments allowing you to store spoons, forks and knives separately. This cutlery box is made of brushed stainless steel which lends it an attractive and polished look. Watch the compliments flow your way as your guests reach out for some cutlery from this attractive cutlery holder.

Tableware for the ‘Baker’ in You

Most of you would have, at some point in time, tried your hand at baking. Whether it is a simple pound cake or fancy cookies, there is no doubt that cakes and cookies are truly comfort foods, ones that satisfy our ‘sweet tooth’ and make us feel good. Do you know that these days there are so many kinds of cake moulds, and cookie cutters and trays available? The days of using foil cake pans are long passé. Now you can get attractive cake pans in different shapes and sizes. Making fancy cakes was never so easy. Vital Wares has a range of attractive cake moulds.

Bring in the festive spirit and the holiday cheer at any time of the year with the Nordic Ware Holiday Wreath Bundt Pan from Vital Wares. This fancy cake pan is sculpted with pine cones holly leaves berries and ribbon. Made from heavy duty cast aluminum, this pan will turn out evenly-baked, golden-brown cakes every time you use it. Compliments are sure to flow your way when you serve a well-baked cake made in this fancy mould.

The Nordic Ware Butterfly Pan is another attractive option from Vital Wares. Now amaze your children and their friends by baking them a butterfly cake in this stylish cake mould.

The Calphalon Classic Nonstick Bakeware Spring Form Pan is an excellent option for those who wish to make a simple yet delicious cake. Calphalon pans feature a medium grey color which gives baked goods a golden brown color while protecting them against overbrowning. These pans come with an advanced nonstick coating which helps in releases the stickiest messes without any effort. Being dishwasher safe, these pans are easy to clean and maintain.

Cookie sheets are a must for every cookie lover. The Calphalon Classic Nonstick Bakeware Cookie Sheets for instance, are medium grey color which gives cookies a golden brown color while protecting baked goods against over browning. There is also a insulated cookie sheet available for those who wish for moist gooey cookies, rather than a crisp one. The reinforced nonstick makes it easy to handle as there are no messes. These sheets are durable, long lasting, dishwater safe, and easy to maintain.

Some More Tableware

There are many more items available which complete your tableware. No meal is complete without some juice or even water. Water or juice can be served in a jug. Vital Wares has a range of attractive and stylish jugs. These jugs are available in various sizes, colors and materials. You can now choose from stainless steel pitchers, porcelain jugs, or plastic ones. Toothpick holders, napkin holders, and trivets are some of the other tableware accessories which enhance the beauty of your dining table. Napkin holders have come a long way since they were first introduced. These days the napkin holders are stylish and attractive, and are available in a variety of materials. The stainless steel napkin holders in particular look very chic and elegant.

With Vital Wares, you can now get the beauty of good tableware to your home, simply at the click of the mouse.

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