Salads; synonym for health

People nowadays are more health conscious than they have ever been in the past. They do all it takes to keep slim, fit and agile. More and more people are working out and eating right.

Salads are synonymous with good health. Salads are not only the fillers with minimal calories that keep us away from eating large portions of the higher calorie foods but also are a rich source of minerals and vitamins as they are made out of fresh , raw vegetables and fruits. Dieters, diabetics and healthy lifestylers all swear by the importance of salads in their daily meals. Salads made out of low calorie greens and made attractive with the use of multi-colored peppers, red onion and carrots are foods with practically no calories. Of course, you can add flavor, and a few calories alongside, with the use of raisins, pickles, or sliced beets.


Salads are in!

When anyone talks about eating right, the first thing that comes to mind is salads. Salads have always been found on most dinner table in homes across the world, but they have never enjoyed the kind of popularity as they do now. Health freaks swear by them. Their meals have more of salads and less of everything else. Even those who are not so obsessed with keeping fit appreciate their benefits and try to incorporate them into every meal.

How to serve salads?

Though there is are no set rules about serving salads, the done thing is to serve salad in a salad bowl especially if you are entertaining people. Salads look doubly appetizing and appealing if they are served in an attractive bowl crafted specially for this purpose. In restaurants, salads are always laid out in a very aesthetic manner served in beautiful bowls that enhance their appeal.

Salad bowls are incomplete without salad servers commonly called salad spoons. These are not just spoons; they could be large forks, or tongs or any other kind of salad servers. As the name suggest, these are used to serve the salad and are an indispensable part of the salad serving process.

Salad bowls complement salads beautifully

A salad bowl is a lot shallower as compared to other kinds of commonly use bowls. It is usually big and circular in shape though other unusual shapes are also sometimes seen. Salad bowls are deep enough to hold salad greens and big enough to toss and mix the salad ingredients.

A salad is a lot about presentation as it is about preparation. If it doesn’t look good, chances are, it won’t be eaten. To serve a salad artistically, the first thing you need to do is to choose a beautiful salad bowl.

Salad bowls come in a variety of materials, designs and sizes. The all time favorite is the wooden salad bowl. These wooden bowls, specially the handcrafted ones, have a great visual appeal and can enhance the appearance of even the most ordinary salad. Wooden salad bowls are typically crafted out of hardwood like ash, maple cherry and walnut and are tough and long lasting in addition to being very striking in appearance. Salad bowls also come in other materials like plastic, stainless steel and glass which are also quite popular thanks to their innovative designs and unique styling.

Salad bowls normally come in 4 sizes: large, medium, small and individual. The large bowl can serve 8-12 people, the medium serves 6-8 people, the small is ideal for 4-6 people and the individual one is of course for one person only. You can choose your size depending on how many people you need to cater to. You could also opt for different sizes, using the smaller ones for everyday use and reserving the large ones for when you have people over.

Serve with style using Salad Spoons

Salad spoons encompass a wide range of salad servers. These are typically oversized spoons, forks, tongs, salad hands or anything else that can be used to serve the salad. No salad can be properly served without salad spoons. Regular cutlery would be too small and serving spoons cannot handle the greens well. Salad spoons are just the right size and shape to grasp all the salad ingredients and give you a complete salad serving in one go.

Salad spoons are usually coordinated with the salad bowl to provide a homogeneous look to the setting. Wooden servers go well with wooden bowls, stainless steel ones complement steel bowls and plastic spoons are used with plastic bowls. With glass bowls anything can be used as glass has a neutral appearance and it can match anything.

Tempting Salads for the palate!

Gone are the days when salads were perceived as a drab looking preparation with no flavor or tang to tickle the taste buds. Salads are no longer considered just the food for the health conscious. The salads served these days are a delicacy in themselves. Fresh, flavorful and tangy, salads are now one of the most desired items on the dining. Tickle the taste buds of your guests by paying careful attention to the color and appearance of your salads. Try combining different color vegetables such as red cabbage, multi-colored peppers, snow peas, carrots and beets for a really dramatic effect. So immense is the importance given to salads that a hostess’s skill is ascertained not by the dishes of the main course that she cooks but by the delicious salads she serves with the meal.

Dress your salads less!

Half the purpose of eating salads is defeated if you are going to dress your salads with creamy, cheesy dressings. The rich dressings will surely enhance the flavor of salads but will contribute fat and calories to it. Alternately, one may use fat free dressings such as vegetable or olive oil, flavorful vinegar, fresh lemons, limes, oranges or even fat free, diet salad dressings. The best way to sell healthy foods is to make them as scrumptious as the calorie rich foods. All of us wish that our children could munch on the raw veggies and fruits with delight. Sell your salads as a tempting dish and you have a winner on hand!

Salads; plain and exotic

Salads have no limitations, in terms of taste and ingredients. Since the choice of ingredients that we can use for a salad is so varied, the taste of the salad varies accordingly. Salads also need not be served at the start of the meal. A salad can be a complete meal in itself, if the ingredients are chosen carefully. Use your instincts to create a salad that is not only filling, but great tasting too. Pick up recipes from a book or the internet or just use your imagination to make salads that will tempt your family to indulge in balanced, healthy eating. With the right mix of ingredients, you can make a salad that is so rich in minerals and vitamins that a single helping of the salad will take care of your nutritional needs for the day.

Salads; how’s that for a starter!

Visual appeal, combined with intrinsic quality, is always the best way to attract attention and win praise. When served in style, your salads will win the accolades they deserve. Serve your salads in stylish salad bowls to make them the centerpiece of your dining. Colorful salads in salad bowls of vibrant shades are an eye catching food item that you will be proud to display on your dining. Salad bowls in wood, metal and plastics; there is a myriad of choices to choose from. At Vital Wares, we have a stunning range of salad bowls that are truly captivating. Our products include:
  • Stainless steel salad bowl
  • Wooden salad bowl
  • Salad bowl with servers
  • Three piece salad bowl set
  • Salad Bowls with Handles
  • Acacia salad bowls
  • Salad servers
  • Multipurpose tongs Spaghetti tongs

Wood Salads bowls; Nature’s workmanship

Our wood salad bowls come packed with style that’s as natural as the wood that they are made out of. The products truly speak for themselves. Our Acacia wood salad bowls retain the look of natural wood. Singular in their design, the salad bowls with handles are a hot selling item that’s truly irresistible to a discerning buyer. The handles make it convenient to be passed around the table to everyone who want a share of the tempting salad. Some of our wood salad bowls come in extra large sizes for serving large portions of salads at a get together.

Salads bowls for style and more…!

Salad bowls with brushed stainless steel finish that display superior craftsmanship and sophisticated design will accentuate the style of any layout. Some of our stainless steel salad bowls come complete with salad servers. Salad bowls in vibrant shades are an eye catching accessory that virtually every home should have. With these brightly colored bowls to serve your salads in, you may actually be able to motivate your children to munch a few raw veggies.

Salad Servers for healthy servings

An amazing range of salad servers at Vitalwares will present a lovely way to toss your salads and to serve them in élan. From multipurpose tongs that are useful to handle large pieces of chicken or other meats to uniquely designed bear claw shaped salad servers, we have everything that you need to make your salads a success at any gathering. Our spaghetti tongs serve fruits, salads and pasta in style. The two piece wavy design salad servers are a new take on a traditional item that’s ideal for a modish kitchen. If style is your prerogative, then some of our snazzy styles in salad servers will leave you spellbound. Try our spring salad servers to grab that healthy, green stuff.

Those nice, green, crisp and fresh greens will not be the same again when you serve them in one of our unique salad bowls with salad servers that will help you serve the perfect salad. Remember the saying of a wise man, “To remember a successful salad is generally to remember a successful dinner; at all events, the perfect dinner necessarily includes the perfect salad”.

Choose from our salad collection

Our salad collection is any salad lovers’ delight. We bring you a selection of finely crafted salad bowls and salad spoons in wood, stainless steel and plastic. Each piece is a masterpiece in itself and reflects fine quality, superb designing and superior workmanship.

This exclusive collection comes to you from several well known makers of kitchen décor and accessories. Prominent among these are Ironwood, Calphalon, Zack and Joseph Joseph. Iron wood is the name behind an excellent wood line of kitchen gourmet products. Calphalon is a company that believes in making products to enhance the home makers’ entire food experience right from planning to serving. Zack creates stainless steel masterpieces and their salad bowls and servers reflect their commitment to excellence in quality and creativity in design. Joseph Joseph specializes in contemporary kitchenware, and is internationally recognized for producing some of the most stylish and technically innovative products available.

A great salad deserves to be served in style. Pick up a salad bowl and a salad bowl of your choice today and serve and enjoy your salads the way they should be.

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