Egg Cups

Life’s enchanted (egg) cup!

Breakfast may never be the same again! This is what one feels when one looks around at the change that designing and technology has brought about in the humble egg cup. Nobody ever thought that he could look cool and stylish while having an egg. However, the modish takes on the traditional egg cup have changed that and much more. Now an egg cup is probably as desirable an accessory as any of the stylish serving ware that are so much in demand. The egg cup has truly come of age in the Twenty First Century!


Designed by a genius; ingenious egg cups

If radical designs in serving ware are a passion with you, then the ingenious designs in egg cups will surely get you going. Stunningly designed egg cups are now a modern day luxury that most of us wish to indulge in. Flaunting a collection of innovatively designed products is every homemaker’s dream. The avant-garde collection of egg cups in the market nowadays is truly a connoisseur’s delight. This really nutritious food item truly deserves all the attention that it is finally getting. After all, an egg deserves to be a visual treat as much as any other food item consumed in the kitchen.

Egg cups for the ‘good egg’!

An egg, the enduring and indisputably delicious breakfast item, has remained the favorite of all for as long as anyone can remember. If you have a perfectly boiled egg and an eye for innovative designs, then a well designed egg cup is the perfect kitchen accessory for you. With egg cup designers hitting the tastes of the new century, there’s nothing left to imagination in the realm of styles and designs when it comes to egg cups. Artistic imagination combined with functional utility has transformed the humble egg cup into the most originative of products to hit the consumer market.

Cutting edge designs in egg cups!

If you are the kind of person who loves to enjoy his breakfast in style, then the egg cups at Vital Wares are just perfect for you. You will be surprised to see how cutting edge technology can transform the most ordinary of products into stunningly creative products. The art of extracting ideas from the past and giving them a modish twist is a practice that is now being widely followed by designers. The future of egg eating is right in front of us with the designs at VitalWares. And it is not only egg cups that we are selling but also accessories such as egg slicers and egg lifters that will add to your pleasure of eating your egg in style. How’s that for a ‘good’ egg!

Our products include:

  • Egg cup sets
  • Egg lifters
  • Stainless steel Egg cups
  • Stainless steel egg Slicer
  • Egg cups with salt shaker
  • Egg cup with salt shaker and spoon

The futuristic egg cups!

Our egg cups will transport you into the realm of the futuristic designs. The designer of one of our most innovative stainless steel egg cups has dispensed with the idea of a cup and replaced it with a circular hole that is the size of the circumference of an egg. Perfect for a contemporary kitchen, this design has the added advantage of being space friendly as the egg cups can be stacked together and stored in a small space. Another of our circular egg cup sets combines stainless steel and porcelain to create a stunning creation that has a hole cut in the stainless steel centre.

Nestle your eggs in these avant garde egg cups

Some of our designs are so innovative that they may become the centre of a morning conversation at the breakfast table. Our stainless steel egg cup with their own salt shaker and spoon is for the finicky perfectionist who likes to have his breakfast table laid perfectly. We cannot go wrong with the clear, crisp styles of our stainless steel designs. One of our stainless steel products will serve the two pronged purpose of acting as a tea light holder when having an egg out of it is not on your mind. We also have an egg cup designed out of porcelain and silicone that has an egg cup so your breakfast egg nestled inside the set may wait for you at the breakfast table. If the artist in you is still alive, then you will truly enjoy your breakfast in one of these egg cups that will surely appeal to your aesthetic sensibilities.

Accessories for the perfect egg!

We have some perfect accessories for those of you who relish a great combination of design and utility. Our egg lifter is the most convenient of kitchen accessories that will help you boil your eggs with the least of efforts. Just place your eggs in the egg lifter and put it in a pan of boiling water for perfectly boiled eggs. Our stainless steel egg slicers is a must have for every kitchen and very useful when you have to prepare egg sandwiches in a jiffy! Our culinary accessories for eggs ooze cool sophistication then you can’t go wrong with!

Our egg cups; the perfect breakfast accessory

There’s nothing that excites the taste buds more than the visual appeal of a tempting dish. For the connoisseurs of food, the presentation of the food is as important an aspect as its taste. These stunningly attractive egg cups have the power to transform the most modest of breakfast dishes, an egg, into such a culinary delight that it may actually end up as the centerpiece of a conversation at the breakfast table.

So, next time you sit down with your family or friends for breakfast; make sure that your egg is nestled on one of these amazing creations that make us believe that we have truly a part of an era where innovation is the key to style!

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