Service…. With Style

They say that a picture can speak a thousand words. This is indeed true. Our senses are tuned to appreciate anything that is visually appealing. Even the most mundane thing, if served in style, can appeal to us.

When it comes to the kitchen, we often tend to neglect the manner in which something is served. We are so caught up in our hectic daily routine, that we neglect the accessories we use to serve what has been cooked. However, the way in which we serve a particular thing is just as important as what is being served. Vital Wares brings an amazing range of options for serving with style.

When you serve with style, you are bound to impress and surprise those around you. This applies not only to guests, but also to your immediate family. Whether you are entertaining in a big way, or have a small family get together, with the help of the correct serving accessories, you can surely make a style statement, and impress all those around you.

Vital Wares offers a range of exciting and attractive serving options that is sure to enhance the beauty of your dining table. Some of the products that Vital Wares offer include:


Fruits and Bread Baskets

Fruit baskets are a great way to serve fruits not only to your guests, but also to your family. You can use fruit baskets not only to serve fruits, but also to stock up on the same. These days fruit baskets are available in a number of eye-catching designs and colors. These attractive fruit baskets are bound to enhance the beauty of your kitchen and add a touch of elegance to your dining table. Vital Wares offers a number of uniquely designed fruit baskets such as Blomus Ondea Bowl, Blomus Wires Basket, Zack Acina Stainless Steel Fruit Bowl, and much more. The Blomus Ondea Bowl for instance is a uniquely designed bowl made from stainless steel. The bowl is simple yet elegant and chic. The bowl is sure to blend with the décor of your kitchen or dining area.

The Zack Piano Stainless Steel Fruit Stand is an amazing eye-catching fruit holder made from brushed stainless steel. The shiny appearance is visually appealing. It has two trays which can be used to separate certain types of fruit from the rest.

For banana lovers, Vital Wares bring with itself a unique stand designed to hold your bananas in style. The Umbra Banana Split is designed to keep your bananas bruise free. Further, this stand can be folded flat for compact storage. The stand is available in two colors – white and yellow.

Eat Your Way to Good Health

Salad bowls are becoming a fad these days. With more and more people getting more health conscious, salads are now becoming an integral part of one’s diet. Whether you have salads out of choice, or out of force, you could definitely make it more appealing by serving it in a more attractive way. Salads tend to look much more appetizing and alluring if it is served in style, in a salad bowl designed especially for this purpose. It is indeed important to remember that if a salad doesn’t look appealing; chances are that it would not be eaten.

A salad bowl is generally big and circular in shape. Salad bowls come in a number of designs, colors and materials. Usually salad bowls are either wooden or stainless steel. Vital Wares has salad bowls in some amazing eye-catching designs. The Ironwood Handled Serving Bowl for instance, is an attractive salad bowl with an easy to hold handle. The attractive etching makes the bowl even more attractive. This bowl will surely be the center of attraction in any party or get together.

The Ironwood Gourmet Salad Bowl is another attractive option from Vital Wares. Available in various sizes, this set is worth having in your kitchen.

The Zack Stainless Steel Salad Bowl is made of superior high grade German stainless steel. The attractive bowl is bound to enhance your appetite for even the most mundane salad. Use this when you are with your family or in a party and enhance the beauty of your dining table.

With salad bowls, a salad server is an absolute must. Vital Wares offers salad servers in some amazingly stunning and attractive designs and styles. The Blomus Easy Salad Servers for instance, is a simple yet attractive server in stainless steel. The specially designed shape makes it easy to serve salad with. The Ironwood Salad Hands is a uniquely shaped salad server in the shape of a human hand. Surprise your near and dear ones with this attractive and stylish salad server.

Now You Can Have Your Cake….And Eat It Too

Be it a birthday, anniversary, house warming, or any other occasion, no celebration is complete without a cake. A cake completes and compliments every occasion and makes it memorable. A cake should ideally be served with the help of a cake server. These days there are a number of attractive and stylish cake servers which are bound to enhance the mood of the celebration. The The Spasso Cake Server from Zack. Form, Vital Wares for instance, is an elegant cake server made from stainless steel. This server is very durable and sturdy, and is even meant for daily use.

Service…..With Style

Serving trays are an ideal way to make a style statement. Whether it is drinks that you are serving, or any snacks, bring it out from the kitchen on stylish and attractive trays. Vital Wares has a wide range of attractive options, suited not only for parties and get-togethers, but also for daily use. The Blomus Esto Finger Food Set for instance, is just ideal for a small gathering or party. This tray is best suited to serve finger food. This serving tray is bound to impress and astound your guests. The Zack Classsic Stainless Steel Oval Tray Polished is style and elegance personified. This stainless steel tray with a unique shape is just perfect to serve drinks and snacks. The Blomus Enza Dip Bowl Set on Tray is an attractive tray made of stainless steel and porcelain. This tray is just ideal to serve a lip-smacking dip. Indulge in this attractive tray and impress your guests as you serve them with style.

Just like serving trays, serving bowls form an integral part of your service accessories. After all, you can indeed make a style statement if you serve anything in a stylish and attractive serving bowl. Serving bowls are available in various sizes and shapes, depending on what you wish to serve. So a cereal bowl will be very different as compared to a snack bowl. Vital Wares has a stunning range of serving bowls, designed for every use. The Zack Sfera Stainless Steel Snack Bowl for instance, is an attractive bowl just right for a quick evening snack. So next time when the hunger pangs strike go right ahead and pamper yourself. Indulge yourself with your favorite snack served in style in this elegant and stylish bowl. This bowl is available in two sizes, 4.7 inch and 7.9 inch.

The Blomus Desa Cereal Bowl is an attractive bowl designed to brighten your morning. Now enjoy your cereal in this eye-catching bowl made from porcelain and silicone.

For Foundue Lovers

Any chocoholic will vouch for the fact that nothing compares to the complete bliss and sheer delight that one can get from chocolate. Vital Wares brings you an attractive fondue set from Cuisinox. This set includes a burner, 4 color tipped forks, white porcelain bowl, and a tea light. This fondue set is attractive and elegant, and is sure to enhance the beauty of your dining table. This set holds your chocolate or cheese fondue set hot, even as your guests dig in and enjoy. And being dishwater safe, this set is very easy to maintain.

Vital Wares also offers several other serving accessories. For instance, the ice cream scoops from Vital Wares are attractive and easy to use. The Zack Futuro Stainless Steel Ice cream Scoop for instance, is strong, durable, and easy to clean.

Other Serving Accessories

Vital Wares brings a whole range of attractive serving accessories such as egg cups, ice cream scoops, food warmers, cheese slicers, pizza cutters, serving spoons, cake forks, and much more. All the products from Vital Wares are durable, sturdy, and of superior quality. The website is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and completely safe. So indulge yourself as you stock up on your serving accessories and get ready to impress your family and friends.

Serving meals that are perfect for memories!

Cooking is an art. One requires primarily two things to lay out a delectable meal; love for the food and love for the people one is feeding. With the combination of these things and lovely kitchenware to complement the love, one can be a real artist. The pleasure of cooking lies not only in churning out scrumptious dishes for one’s family but also in serving those mouth watering dishes in elegant and stylish kitchenware.

No hostess worth her ‘salt’ (literally!) would like to serve her food in faded and worn out dishes which carry stains and splashes of food. A spic and span dining table that is laid out with the choicest serving ware is any hostess’s delight, and it surely enhances her efficiency. After all, who says that aesthetics must be compromised for functionality? With a meticulously designed kitchen that’s filled with stylish serving ware of her choice, any hostess will be happy to comply with all your wishes of a gourmet meal.

Add ‘taste’ to your culinary skills with stylish serving ware!

Sometimes, the garnishing can turn an ordinary meal into a gourmet meal. Similarly, a well laid out meal in fine serving ware can turn an ordinary meal into scrumptious servings. So, dress up your cooking with an exquisite range of kitchenware that will make your cooking experience a truly enjoyable one. At Vitalwares, we offer you the most innovatively designed products that will serve the two pronged purpose of making a style statement and making your cooking visually appealing. From fondue sets for a special fondue treat to salad serving bowls that will make healthy eating an enjoyable experience, we have all that will help establish your reputation as a discerning hostess. Some of the products, that will pep up your dining, that Vital Wares offers include:

Cooking, cutlery and…serving!

For an appealing meal, there nothing to match the singular style of our serving wares. Choose from a vibrant collection of serving ware that will provide distinction to your dining table. With our designer fruit bowls, serving trays, butter dishes, napkin holders, tapas plates and egg cups that will spruce up your dining space, VitalWares has products that will truly make your meal look more appetizing.

Serving ware that pep up the flavor of your appetizers!

Have a look at our designer trays to understand the meaning of the phrase’ a meal fit for kings’. With a layout so lavish, who will not feel like royalty! Our notNeutral serving plates in stylized black and white patterns will make everything seem so colorful and vivid in contrast! Finger foods will turn really exciting when laid out on our Blomus dedo and Blomus esto finger food sets. With our Blomus dip bowl sets for those delicious sauces; your party will have an all new flavor that you have not tasted before! For the connoisseurs of food, our Ironwood range of cocktail plate, gourmet sushi plate with geisha feet and the gourmet canapé tray will sure come in handy. For the food that’s oh so special, the serving needs to be exquisite too!

Tempt your palate with serving ware for healthy food!

Our salad bowls and spoons will make you wish you could have more of those salad servings in a day! Our fruit and bread baskets will leave you amazed with their innovative designing. Have a look at our Umbra banana split to understand the meaning of the term ‘innovative’! Choose from the different designs, circular, tall and rectangular, of our Blomus wire baskets to match the design of your table top. For those who consider fruit baskets to be a decorative item more than a functional one, we have a special treat in the form of notNeutral season leaf shallow bowls.

Everything you serve, you serve in style!

When style is your prerogative and aesthetics your motto in life, then VitalWares is a one stop shop for the stylish you! From your morning breakfast to your evening dinner, we have all the serving ware that will truly make every morsel you eat a highly enjoyable experience. Turn your drab boiled egg into a gourmet meal with our Blomus and Zack Duro collection. Our Blomus Tito egg cup sets, Zack Luce Stainless Steel Egg Cup and Blomus Easy Egg Cups Set will really spruce up your breakfast experience! Cut your cheese with our special cheese slicers for a platter that will be as beautiful as it is delicious. Our Zack Allegro stainless steel cheese slicer and Blomus froma cheese slicer will turn that plain slice of cheese into an epicurean delight.

Look out for our fondue sets for a special cheese or chocolate fondue treat! Our Cuisinox Chocolate Fondue Set with porcelain bowls will make your yummy chocolate fundue look really delectable.

Aesthetics of serving food!

Last but not the least, Vital Wares has a wide collection of functional serving ware whose unique design will add style to your kitchenware. So, you will be equally admired not only for the delicious pizzas you make at home, but also for the panache with which you use the Brabantia Essential Line Pizza Cutter when you cut out pieces of the delicious pizza for your family and friends. Well, the Ironwood Gourmet Pizza Peel and the Caphalon Pizza Wheel will win you equal admiration, too.

Have your cake and eat it…in style!

No celebration is complete without a delicious cake and no cake can be served better than with our elegant designer Zake Spasso stainless steel cake server. Eat it with our Zack Pure Cake Fork to embrace the celebration completely. Our cutlery by the same designer exudes elegance, too. Zack Salad Servers will make you fall in love with that green, leafy salad that you have never really enjoyed before.

We have much more to add to the fun filled excitement of a party. Give every guest an identity by sticking Vacu Vin Glass Markers to their glasses.

With all these VitalWares to dress up your food, be ready for all the admiration that you and your food is sure to win!

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