Imagine being served a full chicken! Finding whole carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes in your salad! Or worse, having to butter a whole loaf of bread! Imagine not being able to cut, chop, slice, shear and pare! What would we do without our knives?

Knives are an indispensable part of any kitchen. Every well equipped kitchen has a set of different knives that are used for chopping, slicing, cutting and many more such tasks before a delicious meal can be cooked and served.


The very first knives

The very first knives were probably made and used by cavemen as they discovered the art of making crude weapon with stones. Knives as we know them today made an appearance about five thousand years ago when metal was used to craft tools and weapons. Knives of this period were made out of copper. In the following centuries, bronze and iron came to be used for making knives. Most modern knives are made out of stainless steel and some with alloys like carbon fiber and titanium.

Different knives perform different functions

Today kitchen knives are extremely specialized implements. There are various kinds of kitchen knives available; each specially designed to perform a precise function. If you want to slice a loaf of bread, you need the serrated slicing knife. A paring knife is used for pealing fruits and vegetables. For carving meats, you need sturdier knives like the versatile chefís knife.

There are over 20 different kinds of kitchen knives each with a specific usage, but most people donít usually own all of them. However there are a few important knives which are found in most kitchens. These include:

Chefís knife

Chefís knife: This is the kitchenís main knife and easily the most versatile. It's great for chopping, dicing, mincing or slicing foods. You can chop different types of vegetables with it, both hard and soft. You can also use it to cut meat and also slice your break or cake. The size of this knife is approximately 8-10 inches and the bottom edge is usually coiled to facilitate movement on the chopping board..

Serrated Knife

Serrated Knife: Serrated knives are typically used for slicing bread. The best serrated knives are the ones which have sharp serrations which help in better control of the knife. Serrated knives come in different sizes. Longer serrated knives are best suited for slicing uncut loaves of bread whereas shorter ones are best for cutting bread rolls etc. Serrated knives can also be used for slicing tomatoes and other soft fruits and vegetables

Paring Knife

Paring Knife: The paring knife is yet another kitchen essential. Itís small in size about 2-4 inches with a straight sharp blade that tapers at the tip. This knife is perfect for peeling fruits and vegetables, for slicing very small food items, mincing garlic and for things like fruit and vegetable carving.


Cleaver: This may not be used in a lot of kitchens but itís an extremely useful knife to have around. The Clever has a wide blade about 6 inches long. This is useful for pounding and crushing foods like garlic and herbs and also for chopping and shredding food. Itís also a good knife for cutting through hard materials like bones in chickens.

Other kinds of knives that could buy for your kitchen include the boning knife, butter knife, cheese knife, mincing knife, frozen food knife, steak knife and utility knife.

Kitchen knife sets offer you all the knives you need

The ideal thing to do is to buy a kitchen knife set which come with a knife block or case and sometimes come with their own knife sharpening device. A knife set has a collection of various knifes each suitable for a specific task. A good knife set includes a chefís knife, a paring knife, slicing knife, bread knife and a utility knife. This kind of a set will provide you all the knives you need for major kitchen chopping and cutting tasks. Another advantage of sets is that knives have proper storage and this keeps them clean and sharp at all times.

Choose from our range of top quality kitchen knives and set

We bring you a range of kitchen knives and knife sets that are crafted from the finest stainless steel and come to you from well known makers of modern high end kitchen accessories. Among these is Calphalon the cookware company which works to make cooking relaxing fun and personal for the consumer. Calphalon believes in making products that enhance the home makersí food experience during planning, preparation, cooking and serving. Calphalon knives are stronger, sharper, and are stain and rust resistant, making them long lasting and highly efficient.

Also on offer are knives from Zack, the makers of fine stainless steel home accessories. Products from Zack not just lend style to any space in the home but offer great functionality too, as demonstrated by their superior knives.

You may buy 2-3 kitchen knives or a set with 20 knives. Just make sure that whatever you buy is top quality. Kitchen knives are used several times in a day and if you buy inferior stuff, itís not going to last you more than a few months. Invest in the best, take good care of your knives, sharpen them regularly and your knives will stay in prime working condition for years together.

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