These days, everyone seems to be attending barbeque parties or hosting them. So what is it that makes this activity such a favorite summer pastime of people in this part of the world?


Why is barbequing so popular?

Barbeques are associated with friends, family, fun and food. These gatherings provide you the opportunity to meet up with close friends and family, have good wholesome fun and best of all relish mouthwatering grilled food. Who would want to give all that a miss? Especially in these times when stress levels and work pressures are at an all time high. Barbeques are the ideal way to unwind, relax and enjoy in the company of people you like.

What all do you need for a perfect barbeque experience

Sure you need a good barbeque grill and you need lots of barbeque food and side dishes and drinks, but there is one more thing without which successful barbequing would be almost impossible. Thatís barbeque tools and accessories. Products that play a vital role in ensuring that barbequing is a safe and easy exercise and what you get on your plate is grilled to perfection!

Barbeque Tools and Accessories available here

We offer several kinds of barbeque tools and accessories for use along with your grill to support and simplify the barbequing process. Our barbeque tools have specially designed handles to ensure safety against burns. These heat resistant handles do not heat up even after prolonged exposure to heat. Our barbeque accessories on the other hand, make the entire barbeque experience even more enjoyable The following are some of the barbeque tools and accessories that you can buy right here for your home:

Grill Tongs:

Undoubtedly the most important of all barbeque tools. This solid pair of tongs will ensure that you donít scald or burn your hands each time you handle the food on the grill. The tongs are long enough to keep your hand away from direct heat, and to get a good grip on the food. Made out of stainless steel tongs, these do not rust and are very easy to clean.

Grill Turner:

The Grill Turner as the name suggests, is used for turning the food over. This sturdy stainless steel tool has a special curved design and a long plastic handle to keep your hand from burning while handling hot food.

Barbeque Fork:

Forks come in very handy when grilling vegetables and fruits. Avoid using them on meats as they make holes through which all the juices can escape. This fork is very strong and wont donít bend even when you handle hard vegetables and fruits with it.

Basting Brush:

During the process of grilling, meats and vegetables need to be basted. This should only be done with a basting brush, with long handles, not with kitchen basting brush which has short handles and can burn you in the process. Our basting brush for barbeques is designed with special handles and silicon bristles which do not get burnt on the grill.

Oil/Vinegar Pump sprays:

Before placing the food on the grill, it is advisable to apply a coat of oil or vinegar to prevent it from sticking to the grill surface. When the grill is hot, you can make use of these Oil/Vinegar sprays to spray the required liquid on to the grill.

Barbeque brush:

This tough brush is ideal for grill maintenance. Used for cleaning the grills, this works very well to remove spilled and stuck food from the grill.

Napkin/Serviette Holders:

Napkins must be kept within easy reach for those messy hands. Use one of these classy Napkin/Serviette Holders to do that.

Barbeque Cooler/Cool Plate:

The ideal solution to keep meat, fish, chicken salads, cheese and sushi chilled.

Wind Tenders annd Ice Coolers:

This great product chills the wine within 10 minutes and keeps it cool for hours. So whenever your barbeque is ready, you can enjoy it with a glass of chilled wine!

Instant Marinator:

Marinating is a pre requisite of any barbeque. Meats especially have to be marinated for a few hours to get the right flavor. Not any more! This unique instant marinator tenderizes and marinates meat, fish chicken and vegetables in minutes, not hours.

These products are brought to you by Blomus, Zack and VacuVin. Blomus is a company known for its high design quotient. It makes even the most ordinary things of everyday use look like works of art. Their stainless steel barbeque tools and accessories are no different. Zack is yet another company known for its stainless steel masterpieces. Barbeque tools from Zack lend style and functionality to any barbeque. VacuVin is the house of innovative and unique food and wine related products. All products produced and developed by VacuVin are distinguished by their originality, as well as their competitive pricing.

Barbeques become even more special and fun when you have all the right tools and accessories. They help you work faster, better and more efficiently so that you can concentrate more on your friends and family without having to worry about how the food is going to turn out.

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