Bread Box

Our bread boxes are a great space saving idea for your kitchen.

Our bread box range offers you safe storage of your loaves, bread rolls, bagels or muffins. They are made of top quality stainless steel, making sure they remain beautiful for a long time.


What is a bread box?

A bread box is a container used for the storage of bread and other baked goods. A bread box is designed for the purpose of keeping bread fresh while helping to maintain uncluttered kitchen surfaces. Typically, bread boxes are very tightly sealed. When they work as intended, they trap moisture and prevent bread from becoming stale too quickly. They can also be helpful in keeping bread and other baked goods safe from pests, such as mice.

Is using a bread box the best solution for storing my bread?

Often, individuals choose to store bread in refrigerators, thinking that keeping it cold will lock in moisture and prevent it from going stale. Unfortunately, the opposite often occurs and bread stored in the refrigerator may begin going stale after just one day. This is due to the fact that moisture loss doesn't really cause bread to go stale. Staleness is caused by retrogradation, a process by which starch molecules crystallize. Retrogradation occurs much faster in the cold temperatures of normal refrigeration, making the refrigerator a poor choice for storing bread.

Instead of refrigerating bread to keep it fresh, it is best to store it at room temperature in a container designed to retain moisture, such as a bread box.

What types of bread boxes do we offer?

There are many types of bread boxes on the market, allowing consumers to find models that fit just about any kitchen decor and personal style preference. There are bread box models made of wood, acrylic, ceramic, enamel, stoneware and stainless steel. Bread boxes come with many different types of lids as well, including lift top, roll top, handled, lift-off and drop-down versions. Consumers can even find bread boxes with handy attachments, such as pull-out bread boards.

So what advise can we give you on choosing your bread box?

When you’re in the market for a bread box, it is wise to consider the amount of space you have in your kitchen. There are a wide variety of space-saver bread boxes that require only a limited amount of space on a counter, tabletop, or shelf. Keep in mind that some bread box models only hold one loaf of bread. If you have a large family, you may do well to consider purchasing a larger model or an expandable bread box. You can even find clear bread box versions, a smart idea for those given to forgetting what they have stored in containers.

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