Kitchen Organization

Kitchen…the heart of every home

A kitchen is perhaps one of the rooms that is used most often in your house. It is here that you prepare healthy and wholesome meals for the family. From breakfast to lunch and then dinner, it is the kitchen which is used for this purpose. Yet until some time back, the kitchen was given a step-motherly treatment. It was often neglected and uncared for. However, these days more and more people are realizing the importance of maintaining one’s kitchen in a bid to make it more functional and efficient.


Why is Kitchen Organization So Important?

There are many ways in which you can organize your kitchen. Whether you are lucky enough to have a large spacious kitchen, or have a smaller, more compact one, it is imperative that you organize it well. After all, a well organized kitchen helps in increasing your efficiency and helps you to complete your work faster, leaving you more time for yourself as well as for your family.

A typical kitchen consists of so many knickknacks. Most of these things lie scattered, adding to the clutter and mess. Some of the kitchen accessories that are usually overlooked by most people include:

  • Dishes lying on the kitchen platform, adding to the clutter
  • Paper rolls, which are usually moved recklessly from one place to the other, and often cannot be found when you need them most
  • Cleaning equipments such as brushes, sponge etc for which one doesn’t have a fixed place
  • Kitchen towel s which have no fixed place, and often lie around, adding to the clutter and mess

These days more and more people are realizing the importance of maintaining a good and efficient kitchen. After all, an efficient and well-organized kitchen helps in reducing the time and effort you take to complete all your chores.

We have an amazing range of kitchen organization tools which will not only help in organizing your kitchen, but also enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

Organizing Your Dishes With Dish Racks

Organizing the dishes in a kitchen is the most important, and perhaps the most tedious task. However, this could be a thing of the past. The dish racks that we offer are an excellent option to organize your dishes. The Polder In Sink Dish Rack for instance, is made from rust-resistant high grade stainless steel. This rack is designed to fit directly into the rack, thereby freeing up the space on the kitchen counters. The rack has plastic handles which prevent the platform from any scratches. This rack is not only very useful; it also looks just as great.

The Polder Three Piece Compact Dish Rack is another very good option. Made from Made from rust-resistant brushed stainless steel this rack is designed for in-sink use as well. This rack comes with a cutlery holder and a drain tray, both which are dishwasher safe.

Kitchen Organization for Paper Towels

Paper towels are an integral part of every kitchen. However, it is important to store the paper towels in the correct manner so that it doesn’t get wet or soiled. The fact that a paper towel holder is simply a stand with a facility to hold a paper roll is nothing but a fallacy. A paper towel holder can be stylish and at the same time functional. We offer a range of attractive and stylish paper towel holders.

The Polder Square Paper Towel Holder for example, is sleek and stylish, and is sure to enhance the beauty of your kitchen platform. This holder comes with a flex-rubber post which lends it just enough friction to allow for a single sheet tear using one hand. The stand has an extra wide base for added stability. The 1/4 turn top cap provides for easy roll replacement. The stand can also hold standard and jumbo sized rolls.

If you prefer a stand which can be mounted on the wall, rather than placed on the kitchen platform, the Umbra Stream Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder is just ideal for you. This contemporary stand is made of die-cast zinc with brass tube comes with a plated finish. This stand not only looks good, but is also very useful.

When you look at the Zack Volta Stainless Steel Kitchen Roll Holder what strikes you most is its simple yet elegant design. This paper towel holder is exclusively for Zack of Germany. Made from high grade 18/10 stainless steel, this kitchen holder is sure to appeal to those with a taste for elegant and beautiful things.

Kitchen Organization and Cleaning

It is extremely important to keep your kitchen neat and clean. While you may be investing a great deal in cleaning your kitchen, how you store the accessories used for cleaning is just as important. You can find a hand wash in almost every kitchen. Now you can enhance the beauty of your kitchen sink by getting an attractive soap holder. The Umbra Joey Soap Pump that we have is just the perfect option to store your hand wash liquid. This soap pump is made of high gloss ceramic with a scrubby holder. The scrubby is included with the pump. The pump is available in three attractive colors.

We also offer the Umbra Lattice Caddy Single stainless steel wire and mesh sink caddy. This caddy is designed to fit both standard single and double sinks. With this sink caddy, you can store your sponge or scrubber in a more organized manner.

The Umbra Saddle Sink Caddy is another accessory that no kitchen should do without. This flexible plastic sink caddy is designed to fit standard double kitchen sinks. The caddy has a facility to hold two scrubbers or sponges.

If you like to use a dish cloth in your kitchen, the Umbra Chariot Chantal Trudel/Sativa Turner is just ideal. This simple yet attractive holder is designed to hold a dishcloth or kitchen napkin along with a scrubber. The stand is available in both brushed stainless steel and bronze.

We also offer cleaning sprays such as the Blomus Stainless Steel Cleaning Spray. This high-grade spray is very effective for stubborn stains.

Organizing for the Bottles

We have a wide range of storage solutions for the bottles in your kitchen. For wine lovers, we offer the Zack Bottiglia Wire Bottle Basket, which is the ideal option to store your wine bottles. Red or white, this stand can hold up to six bottles of your favorite wine. Made of brushed 18/10 stainless steel, this stand is sure to bring you compliments not only on the wine you serve, but also on the way you store it. The Blomus Wires Bottle Carrier is another attractive and contemporary bottle stand. This metal stand with chrome plating is sturdy and long-lasting and ideal to store coke bottles.

If you use bottled water and are looking for an optimum manner in which you can store bottled water look no further. The Polder 3 Tier Water Bottle Caddy is the ideal option for storing bottled water. The stand weighing 9.98 kilos and made of stainless steel body with cross bars holds the bottles securely in place. The padded feet prevent scratching of the floor. This stand requires installation, and comes with the required hardware as well as an instruction guide.

We have many more options which can help you organize your kitchen in a more efficient and effective manner. Bring in these options, and get yourself a well-organized and beautiful kitchen.

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