Coffee and Tea

Tea and Coffee…..A Way to Brighten Your Day

Tea and coffee forms an integral part of our daily diet. All of us enjoy a cup of tea or coffee the first thing in the morning. In fact, most of us cannot seem to wake up unless we have our daily fix of caffeine in the form of tea or coffee. Tea or coffee peps you up in the morning, helping you to prepare for the challenges of the day ahead. It is also common to find people reaching for the coffee vending machine in the office several times during the day. Tea and coffee refreshes you, and helps you de-stress every time you feel listless or fatigued.

People have been drinking tea and coffee since ages. Be it summer or winter, a piping hot cup of tea or coffee is indeed welcoming and comforting to all. According to a certain survey, tea is perhaps the most widely consumed drink after water.


About Tea and Coffee

Tea refers to the aromatic brew derived from leaves. It is prepared in boiling water. One may opt to have simple black tea, or have tea with milk. There are several types of tea available. These include black tea, green tea, and white tea. These days, green tea has become increasingly popular due to its inherent nutritional values. Green tea is believed to have a high level of antioxidants which are beneficial and can help improve one’s health.

Coffee is derived from roasted seeds known as coffee beans of the coffee plant. Coffee has been popular all over the world. Coffee can be enjoyed with or without milk. It can be enjoyed as a hot drink, as well as a cold drink.

Serving It In Style

Serving tea or coffee is just as important as the actual drink. The way in which tea or coffee is served enhances the taste and flavor of the drink.

Tea and coffee is normally served in a cup which comes with a saucer. A teacup is a small cup with a handle. The cup is usually held with the handle, using the thumb and the first two fingers. The cup is usually made of ceramic.

The Stylish Cup

Vital Wares brings an amazing collection of tea cups in stunning and eye-catching designs and styles. For instance, the notNeutral Cup and Saucer Set is bound to impress your guests as well as please your visual senses, even as the beverage you drink, appeal to your taste buds. These cups are available in a number of colors such as black, floral blue, and brown.

The notNeutral Cup and Saucer Set is an attractive glass especially meant for tea lovers. This cup is bound to appeal to you, even as it enhances the flavor of your tea. The notNeutral Mug with Lid is a uniquely designed mug meant for those who would enjoy a leisurely drink. This drink comes with a lid, so that you can enjoy your drink at leisure and even cover your drink with the lid. Vital Wares offers these mugs in black and brown colors.

Besides tea cups, there are several other accessories which complete the entire range of tea and coffee service. These include tea sets, tea pots, tea strainers, and tea warmers. A tea set usually consists of a tea pot, a canister for milk, a sugar bowl, and sometimes even includes a tea strainer.

Vital Wares offers a range of attractive tea sets. The Blomus Desa Sugar and Creamer Set on Tray for instance, comes with a container for creamer and sugar. The matching tray adds to the visual appeal of this set.

Teapots….Designed to Impress

The Cuisinox Hollow Handle Teapot Set is a four piece teaset from Vital Wares. This set is style and elegance personified. This set comes with a creamer and sugar bowl set with spoon, an infuser basket, and a hollow handle coffee server. The mirror glossy finish is bound to impress and daze family and friends alike.

The Cuisinox Personal Size Teapot Set is a uniquely designed personal size teapot set meant to hold a single cup. It has a black easy grip handle and cover knob. The sleek polished stainless steel is visually appealing, as well as long lasting. The creamer is uniquely designed to minimize spills.

The Blomus Suavo Milk Jug is designed with the aim of storing cold. It is made of insulated steel that ensures that your milk remains as cold as you wish it to be. Made of brushed stainless steel, this jug is sure to blend with any décor. The stainless steel jar is durable and sturdy. They are dishwater safe, making it easy to maintain.

The Zack Contas Stainless Steel Creamer is another attractive option made from high grade brushed stainless steel. This creamer set is visually appealing and at the same time built to last. The brushed stainless steel makes it tough and long lasting.

For The Coffee Lovers

Vital Wares also offers a wide range of accessories for coffee lovers. For instance, the Blomus Desa Cappuccino Cup With Coaster is a uniquely designed cup especially for coffee or cappuccino lovers. The cups are made of porcelain and silicone. The uniquely designed matching coaster is attractive and chic. The sleek design is sure to impress your family and guests.

The Blomus Coffix Car Thermo Mug is an ideal companion on a long drive. You can take along a drink of your choice as you embark on a long drive with a loved one. This mug is designed to hold your drink at just the right temperature. The sleek design makes it easy to hold the mug. This stainless steel mug is durable and sturdy, and is easy to maintain.

Vital Wares offers another exciting way to enjoy your evening cuppa. The Zack Stainless Steel Rezzo Cappuccino Cup holds your cappuccino warm and in style. This long lasting stainless steel is sturdy, easy to clean, heat resistant and dishwasher safe.

Coffee makers and coffee filters are also a must have for any coffee lover. Coffee makers churn out the perfect cup of coffee in no time at all. And all that, at perhaps a fraction of what it would cost you at any other coffee shop. Coffee makers have come a long way since they first made an advent way back in 1972. These days, a number of coffee makers are available. Vital Wares brings several types of coffee filters and coffee makers. Some of the coffee filters offered by Vital Wares are Zack Wire Filter Paper Holder Chrome, Zack Clio Stainless Steel Coffee Filter Bag Holder, and Zack Strada Stainless Steel Coffee Filter Holder.

The Cuisinox Espresso Stovetop Coffeemaker makes just the perfect cup of coffee which is sure to brighten up your morning and pep you up. It is available in various sizes from a capacity of 1 cup to 12 cups, to suit individual requirements.

The Zack Mattina Stainless Steel Espresso Maker comes with a fine diamond polished stainless steel, which looks very stylish and elegant. Made with high grade stainless steel, this coffee maker is sturdy, robust, and long lasting.

Some of the other accessories that complete your tea and coffee service include:

Vital Wares offers a range of attractive sugar bowls and sweetener dispensers. The Zack Sfera Stainless Steel Sugar Bowl in particular, gives a whole new meaning to the term sugar bowl. This uniquely designed sugar bowl looks very stylish and chic, and is equipped with comes with an attached swivel lid, keeping flies and other nasties away from your sugar when not in use.

The products from Vital Wares are of the very best quality. The products are durable and long lasting. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The website is secure and is protected with 128 bit encryption. So go ahead and indulge as you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee served in the very best style.

Glad to be born before tea!

What would you do without your steaming hot cup of morning tea or coffee! A prerequisite to kick start our day, tea or coffee occupies a special place in our lives. Other than the established medicinal effects of tea and coffee that make these beverages beneficial to our health, they provide a pep-up effect that all of us require any time of the day. Many assert that tea or coffee have a calming effect on the nerves and soothe the senses. There are few hours as agreeable during the day as the time we spend with our family and friends over a cup of tea. Most of all like to take some time off during the day to chat or chill out with our colleagues to gossip over a cup of tea or coffee. In fact, most of us look out for a cup of tea or coffee when we wish to unwind after a grueling session of work.

Coffee, conversations…and beyond!

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee…or tea! We all love the flavor and the aroma of a cup of tea or coffee. And when shared with the ones we love, the aroma and the flavor increases manifold. Tea is known to enhance the mood and the creative instincts. So, with accentuated abilities to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy ourselves, we can surely bond better with people over a cup of tea or coffee. With so many advantages on offer, who would want to stay away from a cup of tea or coffee? So, go ahead, brew and enjoy!

Top off the Tea…and do it in style!

There is nothing more refreshing than a cup of tea or a mug of coffee after a hard day’s work. And like all eatables, tea when served in style will taste and smell better. There’s nothing better than to breathe in the aroma of a freshly brewed tea or coffee when it is served to you in an elegant teacup or a vibrant mug. At Vital Wares, we have an exquisite range of tea cups and accessories that will make every sip of tea or coffee you take a mentally calming and a visually stimulating experience. While we have a separate range of products for both tea and coffee, there are accessories which can be used both for tea and coffee. Our range of products for tea includes tea sets, tea cups, tea pots, tea bag and tea infuser, tea strainers and tea warmers.

The Beauty in a cup of tea!

Our amazing range of tea sets will enhance the experience of drinking tea. Have a look at our entire range of Blomus accessories for tea which will make drinking tea a truly ethereal experience. Our Blomus Asia, Blomus Copo and Blomus Desa are stylish tea kettles that will truly leave your guests impressed with their innovative designing. Enjoy your cup of tea in the Blomus Pura for an enriching experience. Enjoy the refined spirit of tea beverage with Cuisinox tea sets.

There is a range of functional accessories, as well, that will make the experience of making a cup of tea a special one. Blomus Utilo Tea Filter cup, Blomus Utilo Teastik and Blomus Tea measure are some the accessories that are available at VitalWares. Our amazing selection of sugar and creamer sets, Zack Contas stainless steel creamer sets and sugar pots and the Blomus Desa set will tempt you to invite a few guests over to flaunt your amazing collection. Other innovatively designed products that will occupy a place of pride in any modern kitchen include the Blomus Cino sugar shaker and the Blomus Cino sweetener dispenser.

‘Expresso’ yourself over a cup of coffee!

Vital Wares offers a tempting range of products for the connoisseurs of coffee. Our range includes coffee mugs, coffee sets, coffee spoons, coffee maker, coffee scoop, coffee filter holder and cappuccino tools. Our truly designer range of coffee mugs are so tempting that you will not be able to stop yourself for reaching out for a steaming hot cup of coffee. Our notNeutral range of coffee mugs in black and white pattern will add zing to your kitchen. Our Blomus Coffix car thermo mug and notNeutral mug with lid are perfect when you are on the go! But, if you wish to relax and calm your senses while you sip your coffee in style, there’s nothing to beat the charming styles of the Blomus Pura cappuccino cup, Blomus Pura Expresso cup, Cuisinox Irish coffee set and Zack Carico cappuccino set. For the discerning coffee drinker, we have the modish Blomus Desa Cappuccino Cup With Coaster, Blomus Desa Latte Macchiato Glass With Coaster and the Blomus Desa Coffee Cup With Coaster.

Our Umbra Handisleeve Mug Holder will be a vibrant addition to your coffee mug collection. This take out cup has a bright colored handisleve that will add a dash of color to your personality. For the sophisticated coffee drinker, the Zack Volta Stainless Steel Coffee Glass Holder with Glass will be an ambience enhancer.

Thank God for tea and coffee!

VitalWares offers accessories that will be of interest both to tea and coffee lovers. Our sugar bowls , creamers, jugs, sweetener dispenser and tea and coffee tins can be used for both beverages. Our range of sugar bowls will make your cup of tea or coffee sweeter to taste. The globe like Zack Sfera Stainless Steel Sugar Bowl and the Cuisinox Sugar or Parmesan Cheese Bowl will make you proud of your sweet tooth! Our Blomus Copo Sugar Bowl with Spoon is a stylish product with a steel lid and spoon on a white porcelain sugar bowl. Our milk jugs and frothers will make your creamy, frothy cup of coffee a delight to drink. Our Zack Vivace stainless steel canisters are a great storage idea for tea and coffee. For the connoisseurs of tea, we have the Ironwood gourmet rectangle tea chest to store your different selections of tea leaves.

Whether you are a discerning beverage drinker who enjoys a cup of coffee to relish the comfort of solitude or one who grabs a cup of tea or coffee whenever you wish to unwind by enjoying the pleasures of company, the amazing products at Vital Wares will surely make you relish every sip of your tea or coffee.

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