There was a time when kitchens were dark, dingy rooms somewhere in the back of the house, often hidden from view, where food was cooked in a laborious manner over wood or charcoal fires. That was of course a long time ago. Today’s kitchen is a blend of style and functionality and a space that is meticulously designed, aesthetically decorated and proudly displayed.


The modern kitchen is a very noticeable part of your home

The function of the modern kitchen is not restricted to cooking. It’s the hub of activity of any household. It is not uncommon for people to have their meals in the kitchen, for kids to do their homework at the kitchen table under Mom’s watchful eye, and even to entertain friends. It’s undoubtedly a high-traffic area. With the concept of an open kitchen gaining increasing popularity, there is no longer a clear demarcation of space into living and dining areas and the kitchen. One flows seamlessly into another. Since the kitchen is now clearly in the line of sight, it must not just look presentable; it must look attractive, just like the rest of your home.

The modern kitchen makes cooking easier

The modern kitchen is as much about efficiency as it is about appearance. The kitchen of today looks great and works to perfection. It is equipped with all modern amenities, appliances and gadgetry that make cooking fast and easy. In fact gadgets and appliances have taken over almost 50% of the work that was earlier done manually. You have machines to chop, mix, and cut, knead, grind, wash etc. Thanks to these marvels of technology, cooking has become a more pleasurable experience instead of drudgery.

How can we make our kitchen eye catching and efficient?

In order to have a kitchen that looks good and functions faultlessly, you will need to choose the right kitchen essentials and accessories. Kitchen essentials are of course things that no kitchen can do without. These include cabinets, stove, sink, faucets, basic pots and pans, plates, glasses and cutlery. Then you have the kitchen accessories. These are those gorgeous objects that you are likely to find in home stores that immediately catch your attention. There are a plethora of kitchen accessories available in the market today. All these are designed to make your kitchen aesthetically pleasing while enabling you to cook, serve, wash and clean in a more proficient manner.

We offer you a wide range of superb kitchen products

Products for the kitchen come in all forms, shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. We’ve selected for you some of the most beautifully and innovatively designed products in high end materials that cover a wide range of kitchen functions , augmenting your efforts in the kitchen as you go about getting a meal ready, serving it in style, washing and cleaning up and organizing your kitchen. Our range of modern kitchen specific products includes:

Barbeque tools and Charcoal grills

Barbeque tools and Charcoal grills – A must have for those backyard barbeques and patio parties when you get together with friends and family. These include different types of grills, brushes, tongs, turners, tongs, marinaters, vinegar sprayers and everything else you need to organize a wonderful barbeque.

Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker – Makes perfect coffee in a jiffy! Whether it is espresso, or cappuccino or any other kind of coffee that you relish, you’ll find the right coffee maker here.


Cookware – Say goodbye to ordinary pots and pans. Food is now cooked in designer cookware. You’ll find a wide range of exclusive cookware available for specific cooking activities like baking, frying, sautéing, grilling roasting etc.


Dinnerware – If you cook in style, you should serve in style too! Several contemporary dinner sets, plates and mugs are available for you to choose from.

Fondue Sets

Fondue Sets – Who can resist Fondue? We bring you Fondue sets, tools and forks for a special Fondue treat.

Cookbook Holders

Cookbook Holders – Surely you don’t want to get your greasy hands on your precious cookbooks. Or worse, spill ketchup over the chocolate mousse recipe? Put them away …on cookbook holders, specially designed to protect your cookbooks from damage and dirt even while keeping them within your vision.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances – No modern kitchen can function without kitchen appliances. You’ll find a wide range of toasters, coffee grinders, toaster ovens, hand mixers, can openers and blenders to make your job a lot easier.

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning - Who can escape washing up and cleaning? A lot of innovative cleaning products come your way – cleaning sprays, dish cloth holders, sink caddies and soap pumps are only some of them.

Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Storage – An organized kitchen makes working a lot easier. Our stainless steel storage products like bread boxes and canisters for coffee and tea are great storage options.

Kitchen Tools

Kitchen Tools – Spatulas, cutting boards, spice racks, graters, slicers, kitchen scales and everything else that a modern kitchen needs.


Knives – Knife sets, individual knives, scissors and all that you need for cutting and chopping.

Salad bowls and spoons

Salad bowls and spoons – Perfect for the health conscious. Rustle up a sumptuous salad using this salad bowl and salad spoon.

Table Top products

Table Top products - Meant to spruce up the dining table. These comprise fruit bowls, placemat sets, sugar shakers, butter dishes, napkin holders, tapas plates, trivets and egg cups among other things

Tea Sets and Tools

Tea Sets and Tools – Especially for tea lovers! Drink your cup of tea in style with this chic range of cups, teapots and tea sets.

Products for Wine lovers

Products for Wine lovers – Connoisseurs of fine wine are going to love this unique collection of ice and wine buckets and barware.

Specialty pieces

Specialty pieces – This out of the ordinary collection offers you products that are truly unique like an adjustable rolling pin and a secret recipe box.

Salt and Pepper sets

Salt and Pepper sets – Every table has one! You can pick a new one for your kitchen from our stylish collection.

Serving Trays

Serving Trays – These include serving trays for finger food, dip bowl sets with tray, tray tables and almost every other kind of tray you can think of.

All these products come to you from world renowned designers and manufactures of home products like Blomus, Zack, Umbra, notNeutral and Iron wood to name a few. So equip your kitchen with these stylish and functional products and see how they perfectly enhance both the look of you kitchen and your working skills.

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