Ice Bucket

Ice Buckets - Eliminate numerous trips to the ice machine

The need for Ice Buckets

A wine chilled at the right temperature is a must for enjoying your drink. While it is important to keep your wine chilled in a proper wine fridge or your main refrigerator, it is also important to serve the wine in a chilled state after opening the bottle. To do so, you need to visit your refrigerator again and again in order to get ice for every glass of wine. To save the strain, a nice bucket is necessary. It is a good way to keep your wine chilled while you enjoy it. When not pouring, the wine kept in there will not get warm while you are drinking, eating or enjoying the company of your guests.

You can operate these ice buckets like a breeze; they are so easy to use. You simply need to place some ice in, put the wine bottle and pour a bit of water to give your bottle a nice cool ice bath and preserve its temperature as long as the celebration continues. Ice buckets are a wonderful accessory that ensures to add excitement to your ceremony by keeping the wine cool throughout the meal.

They can be used to store ice for mixing in drinks or to submerge drink containers in the ice and chill them without dilution.


Ice Buckets- what are they?

Ice buckets are insulated containers to chill beverages or make ice readily available to add in beverages. They are mostly important when entertaining guests but are also great when you simply want to relax with your favorite wine on the pool side. In short, they are a type of countertop ice storage utensil that prevents ice from melting rapidly and keeps it in solid state for long. They are highly useful in bar areas, buffets, kitchens or while serving drinks in patios.

The dual advantage of ice buckets

Ice buckets work in a two fold manner. They have double insulated walls in which one side prevents ice from melting inside and the other side prevents condensation from forming on the outside of the bucket. This is important because while melted ice cannot serve the purpose of wine chilling, condensation is equally problematic as condensed drops tend to run down the sides of the exterior wall of the bucket and get to the surface in contact, thereby making it wet and damaging it, specially if it is a wooden table.

Places where ice buckets can be used

There are a number of places where ice buckets come in handy:
  • Ice buckets in home bars and home parties-

    You can use ice buckets in your home bar for yourself and your family. You can also place them on countertops at parties. You can simply fill your ice bucket and carry it with you to the patio or set it in a serving area so that you do not need to retrieve ice from your refrigerator every time your guest asks for a refreshing drink.

  • Ice buckets at dinner tables-

    Another use is keeping your wine chilled at your dinner table, be it your home or a restaurant.

  • Ice buckets in hotel rooms-

    In modern hotel rooms, ice buckets are readily available for guests to carry ice back from an ice vending machine.

  • Ice buckets during summer months-

    Keeping an ice bucket on the countertop in the summer months keep the kids from opening the freezer time and again or running a noisy ice dispenser while you are relaxing.

  •  Ice buckets in camping or in a bath-

    Ice buckets are great to carry and use in camping. You can also place them next to your bathing tub for a refreshing drink every time you bath that gives your bathing a luxurious experience.

Designs of ice buckets

Ice bucket is a necessity for most social occasions like dinner parties, a christening, or a wedding. There are a massive number of designs to choose from to suit your taste and need. From basic models to elegant designs, there is a bucket for every décor, purpose and occasion.

Some of the most common models are:

  • The typical model of ice buckets-

    A typical ice bucket is a model that has a hat-style lid which slips into the lip of the ice bucket. The lid is lifted or lowered every time the ice is needed and this is done by using a central knob. The bucket handle or the knob handle might be located centrally like a basket style swivel that can drop to a side when not in use or might be two in number and located on either side of the bucket body.

  • Stainless steel model ice buckets-

    This model is a highly polished one and adds a tasteful flair to any party. It has a sophisticated and modern look in it.

  • Crystal model ice buckets-

    For the most appealing elegance, cut crystal model ice buckets are preferred. They are so beautiful that they look spell binding sitting out, even when not in use. These Ice buckets are generally used at weddings and showers. They are also suited for professional purposes like conventions, employee outings, and organizational gatherings.

  • Leather cover model ice buckets-

    As the name suggest, here the exterior wall of the ice bucket has a sheet of leather cover to keep the ice cold for a longer duration.

  • Personalized model ice buckets-

    Here, the bearer of the ice bucket can get a monogram or family name engraved on the bucket for a more personalized feel.

  • Talking model ice buckets-

    Talking ice buckets are fun at a casual party. They repeat slogans and songs whenever the bucket is opened.

  • Illuminated model ice buckets-

    This model has multi-colored inbuilt lights and often come with a remote control for a funky addition to a party.

  • Other models of ice buckets-

    There are many other models in different fun styles, whimsical designs and bright colors. These are unconventional types and are preferred by people who like adding a unique touch to their wine accessories. The examples are acrylic ice buckets that look like blocks of ice or ice buckets looking like a washtub for a cute and rustic feel.

The common thing that is used with all the models is ice tongs. These are mini tongs used to pick ice from the bucket for the purpose of sanitation. In some cases, the tongs are sold with the buckets but usually they need to be bought separately.

Materials used in ice buckets

Ice buckets are generally made with materials that are good for insulation. The most common types of ice buckets depending on the material used in them are:
  • Steel ice buckets-

    Ice buckets made of steel, usually stainless steel have a lustrous finish in them and look great on parties and events. The double wall construction used in such buckets keep ice frozen longer, thereby keeping it nice and cold. They are also quite durable and expertly combine practicality, and alluring looks. These buckets are usually large enough to hold a considerable amount of ice.

  • Lead ice buckets-

    Lead crystal buckets can catch the light beautifully and therefore create a shimmering display. They add a touch of sophistication, wherever they are placed.

  • Plastic ice buckets-

    Plastic ice buckets are the most common, inexpensive and durable ones .They are available in a variety of vibrant colors to add a splash of fun to every occasion.

  • Aluminum ice buckets-

    Aluminum ice buckets are very strong and lightweight at the same time. They can resist any harsh treatment and they have a silver color to compliment every type of décor. The temperature conductivity of aluminum is significantly lower than other metals thus aluminum ice buckets preserve the bottle's coolness for longer. They are highly durable.

  • Electric ice buckets-

    If you are a gadget freak and a wine buff, these types of ice buckets are a must for you. For operating electric ice buckets, you need to fill ice in them and then pour water to the marked line. Then set the timer and plug in. The desired cooling temperature can be obtained in minutes. Also, since these types of ice buckets cool the bottles from top, any sediment if present in the bottles is forced to settle down to the bottom.

  • Glass ice buckets-

    These ice buckets are impressive to look at and are quite heavy in weight. The transparency allows the bottle to display its wine content and label while it is being cooled.

  • Wooden ice buckets-

    These ice buckets provide a rustic feel to the atmosphere. They are usually crafted of grained wood and include a stainless steel lid.

Different shapes of ice buckets

To serve different purposes, ice buckets come in different shapes. While generally they are smaller in shape with a small diameter, some ice buckets come in the shape of tubs. These may again come with lids or may not be lidded and are shaped to hold large quantities of ice and can cool many beverage bottles at the same time. They are used for the purpose of serving a larger number of guests in an event.

When buying ice buckets

When you think of buying an ice bucket, your main concerns are function, style and price. There are a plenty of options to choose from purely functional, to whimsical, to high style. The price of course differs accordingly.

For a highly functional ice bucket go for one with a lid to help ice last longer. Secondly, look for a high level of insulation. Insulated Ice Buckets do not sweat and provide a long lasting method for storing ice. The models that look like large thermoses and act accordingly can suit you purpose as they have double walls to provide proper insulation. For a more stylish option, go for designer ones but you may have to compromise on the efficiency.

Ice buckets as gift ideas

Ice buckets are great gift ideas for housewarmings, holidays, anniversaries and weddings. Gift giving ideas start rolling in as soon as you start thinking ahead of well- spent holidays or celebrating the special day of your dear ones. But choosing a nice gift that can fit equally with everyone is not an easy task. However, if thought deeply, you will find that all people have something in common though everyone strives to be different. And one of the common factors that everyone agrees on is that most of the people are wine lovers. And so, a wine bucket for every type of wine lover can be the best gift. It is suited for different people with different lifestyles and likings and it can never go out of trend.

And if the person you wish to gift an ice bucket already has one, don’t worry. It really doesn't matter if he or she has more than one ice bucket because different designs of ice buckets can be used to compliment different barware or table settings.

Ice buckets –How they help

The components of a wine’s aroma and flavor are to a great extent, temperature dependent. For example, the alcohol in a wine is a highly volatile material and is very temperature sensitive. At a very high temperature, a wine can exhibit too much alcohol which obscures the other aromas present and at a very low temperature, all the aromas hide and are hard to distinguish. Therefore, an ideal, medium temperature is required where the components can be balanced rather than making any of them dominant or obtrusive.

One of the ways to acquire the right temperature for a bottle of wine is an ice bucket. An ice bucket with some water and plenty of ice is close to 32° F (0° C). This temperature helps the wine to be always served at the correct temperature, thereby releasing the true potential of every bottle which enables you to gain the maximum enjoyment of your wine.

Ice buckets from vital wares

Surrounded by friends and family on every gathering is such a great feeling. But the numerous trips to the ice machine for every glass of wine never let you enjoy their company to the fullest. Now eliminate those tiring trips and impress your guests with our unique range of Stainless steel Ice Buckets. These ice buckets are expansive enough to comfortably surround your wine bottle with chilling ice. Their superb portability make them perfect for both outdoor and indoor home parties and you can easily carry them even when they are full because of their looped ring handles that facilitate a firm grip and easy handling.

Made of high-quality stainless steel, ice buckets from Vital Wares are corrosion and rust resistant and are dishwasher safe. With a double wall insulation system, they are designed to stay ice-cold inside but moisture-dry outside.

The polished and brushed finishing in each ice bucket makes it look exclusive and absolutely desirable. The super glossy reflective surface creates a feel of sophistication to enhance the décor of your rocking bar atmosphere. Our range of Ice buckets come in sleek and elegant designs and is a great way to serve your favorite chilled beverage to your family and friends in style. A combination of true artistic beauty and timeless grandeur, these ice buckets add an accent to the ambience of every bar and meet the requirements of commercial as well as domestic kitchen. Their high practical use and great looks make them the perfect gift materials. So, don’t wait any further. Order now and immortalize your next social gathering or office party.

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