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Drip collars - What are they?

Be it a festive gathering, a casual dinner with a loved one or a picnic on a lovely sunny day; you always love to serve that favorite wine of yours and gather appreciation. But what brings a slight pain in your heart is the dripping of that precious wine of yours after every serve, along side the length of the wine bottle onto the table linen or carpet. Will it be not awesome if something could catch and hold those messy drips in its tracks from sliding down the side of your bottle and save your bottle labels from staining and your table tops and linens from soiling? Something that would do the job effortlessly and at the same time adorn your wine bottle?

Well the answer is here – a drip collar. A drip collar, also called drip rings, drip catchers or wine collars, is a wine accessory that fits snugly around the neck of your wine bottle and absorbs any drip of wine that that may run down the bottle after pouring. Drip collars also accessorize the wine bottles and add individual charm and color to them. These little yet highly useful items are a must if you wish to prevent stains on the surfaces like table cloths, counter tops, carpets, sofas and other items that could possibly be exposed to wine droplets. Drip collars are inexpensive enough to be disposed after a single use but if you are not willing to spend your hard earned money every time on a new drip collar, you can very well wash them and reuse to secure them from bacteria and germs.


The history of drip collars

This simple accessory that can prevent any unsightly mess at every pour has existed for over more then a hundred years, though the designs have varied since then. In the year 1872, W.R Miller was the first person who made a drip cup- a circular gutter that would fit around a wine bottle’s neck and catch the fluid of the container while pouring. He was provided a patent for the same.

Designs and materials of drip collars

Drip collars available today are made up of various materials and vary in their designs too. The basic shape of a drip collar is always circular. However, nowadays drip collars are being made in the shape of tuxedos for special occasions like marriage ceremonies. Some of the common types of drip collars are:
  • Plastic and silver drip collars -

    Today’s drip collars are typically plastic or silver rings with an interior lining of colored felt to absorb the wine drops when slipped over the neck of the bottle. The felt color is usually black or red.

  • Two Piece drip collars -

    One more design that is highly recognizable today is a drip collar with two main pieces and a snap lock that joins both the sections together. The lock has a small piece of magnet attached to it. You need to surround the bottle neck with the two pieces on both the sides and then join them together and create a seal with the snap lock. In order to absorb the drips however, here too a soft material like a felt is used that is inbuilt in the drip collar.

  • Plain felt drip collars -

    Other versions of drip collars include simply a solid stretchable round piece of felt that can accommodate the neck of the bottle. This type of drip collar is available mainly in the contemporary colors of back and red.

  • Synthetic drip collars -

    Some drip collars are also made up of synthetic materials that give them the resiliency to conform to all sizes of wine bottles. The elastic material used here is very strong and flexible.

Whatever the type or design, the primary material that does the job in every kind of drip collar is the soft, absorbent felt lining that discreetly absorbs every drip of wine.

The dual action of drip collars

Whenever you use drip collars, they actually function in a two-fold manner.
  • The action of drip collars while pouring -

    At first, it helps to prevent drips of excess fluid while the contents of a bottle are being poured.

  • The action of drip collars while returning to the upright position -

    While the bottle is being returned to its upright position, chances of wine being dripped from the sides of the wine bottle are the same. Here too, the accessory stops drips equally and absorbs them in the same manner to avoid staining surfaces.

This dual action of drip collars in both the instances helps to reduce the wasting of your wine and avoid messy counter and table tops from spillage. That means you can enjoy your wine without caring about any wine wastage and also wastage of time that you would have needed to get wine stains out of you linen table cloth if the wine drips would have come in contact to the surface.

The aesthetic appeal of drip collars

Besides being highly practical in use, drip collars also add a touch of class to every wine bottle. These little equipments not only prevent drips from wine bottles, they also provide a degree of sophistication to every wine service. A few drops of wine spilled on the table top may not be considered to be a great loss but certainly detract from the elegance of wine serving presentation. These ornamental wine collars let you serve your wine in style while saving your beautiful linen.

Other uses of drip collars

Drip collars can also be used in the kitchen for condiment bottles or any container that has an elongated neck and drips fluids while you use them. Their elastic nature makes them ideal to securely fit over the neck of all standard sized bottles. They make life in your kitchen a lot easier. They can be used while pouring broth, dressings and fruit juices and save you the time and effort of cleaning the kitchen counter top of their drips after every pour.

Drip collars are easy to connect to a bottle and can be easily moved from one bottle neck to the next. Another option is purchasing several drip collars and attaching them to the bottle necks of the condiments and other liquids that you frequently use. Since they are quite affordable, they won’t hurt your pocket.

Use and maintenance of drip collars

While pouring your wine, be careful not to hold the drip collar or the bottle could slip out of your hand. As such, the bottle might break or the contents of the bottle may spill and spoil.

For reusing a drip collar, simply rinse it gently with water and allow it to dry in air. It would be better if you lay them flat for drying.

Advantages of drip collars

  • Functional, Economical and Reusable Drip collars -

    Your fine wines are made to sip, not drip. But most of the time while pouring a glass of wine, you must have experienced the messy drips that start racing down the bottle side and staining the label and the table linen. You can stop this with the aid of a good drip collar. These tiny drip collars are the most functional and economical wine accessory. They are handy and are eco-friendly as they can be washed simply in fresh water and used again.

  • Decorating bottles with drip collars -

    These Drip collars also offer individuality to the wine bottles by decorating them with style. They provide the most beautiful, elegant and effective way to stop drips and keep your fingers dry when pouring wines. They protect the table tops from even the last drop of wine and are perfect to accessorize a wine bottle for a party or holiday dinner.

  • Drip collars as a gift item -

    They are also great if you wish to adorn a bottle to be offered as a gift. Another option is gifting a set of drip collars itself. They are long lasting and can prove to be a keepsake for marking special moments or remembering special places.

Drip collars from vital wares

If you are tired of your drippy wine bottles, go for a vital ware drip collar. These wonderful and stylish drip collars are a perfect addition to your bottle of wine. Our stainless steel drip collars won’t let wine drip onto your table top and they make the whole business of wine pouring much easier and neat. They are durable enough to provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Other drip collar in our range include a set of two drip collars in the standard and classy colors of black and red to suit your every kind of décor. Their contemporary look ensures compatibility with any type of wine bottle. These elegant yet effective drip collars are created to appeal to wine connoisseurs and party goers alike. They are designed carefully to provide maximum ease of use and ensure a trouble free operation.

Now add a dash of pure luxury to your fine wines with our gorgeous looking drip collars. Designed to fit over the neck of most standard sized wine bottles, these will prevent every annoying drip of your sweaty bottle with grace and style. They absorb those messy drips that cascade down the bottle sides in seconds so that you never have a stained table cloth.

Or you can use them to simply accessorize your wine bottles on an exclusive date for a special someone. Add panache to your undressed bottles with our drip catchers and leave an everlasting impression on your dear one. Save yourself the clumsiness of pouring from those dripping bottles and jazz up your party with the help of these little ornamental yet practical accessories. Their high design and trendiness provide color to your fingertips while you pour your wine every time. A perfect gift for a wine lover, these drip collars can be used for several years thereby ensuring that you are thankfully remembered every time they are used by the person you have gifted them.

They are made of high quality material and gallantly withstand multiple uses. But they are also inexpensive enough to be disposed after every single use and won’t create a big difference to your budget. After all, it is better to pay a little amount of money on a vital ware drip collar than spending a vast amount on replacing a stained piece of carpet. Isn’t it? Besides, you can rest assured that you won’t create any further damage to any surface of your home with wine drips after you start using these drip collars.

No one enjoys the mess of wine drips on the dinner table or fine linens. Our drip collars therefore, are a must for being able to serve wine with tidiness on the table. For a perfect selection of kitchen gift, consider our range of our spell binding drip collars. If you wish to impress that important client of yours, what can be more affordable and classy than gifting a set of vital ware drip collars? Best for corporate clients, these mini wonders will be loved by your clients. If you are pleased with the work of your subordinate, gift him with a set of drip collars from Vital Wares. It is a great way to show that you really appreciate his hard work.

We understand that for you it is very important to derive the maximum value for the money spent. Therefore, we bring a range of drip collars that are best in the industry and that too at a competitive rate. For you only the best will do and we bring the best for you. A perfect blend of satisfaction and glamour, our products guarantee to bring a smile on your face when you use them. Now experience the delights of your wine without spoiling your table surfaces. Slip these easy to grip item to your wine bottle neck and dress your wine bottle with a velvety collar, today.

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