Coasters - A beautiful way to guard condense drips

Coasters - Why do we need them?

Your table is definitely one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. But those ugly condensation rings on table tops caused by the dripping of cold beverage containers create a potential problem by spoiling their beauty. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose the right kind of table ware that would suit the purpose. The perfect solution to this problem is using coasters. These are absolutely the right kind of tableware that suits the purpose and look like a small mat on which glasses of beverage rest.

They are used as covering plates or mats to protect the surface of a table, from the condensation on a cold glass or bottle. These preventative tools can prevent any spillage or condensation from reaching the table surface, yet will remain externally dry. As such, no stains appear and the beauty of the piece is preserved for years to come. They also protect your table from marks and scratches. Coasters are sometimes placed under a vessel and used for passing something, such as a wine decanter, around a table.

They may also be used as a paperweight or decorative accent. They add to the beauty, convenience and effectiveness, wherever they are placed and guess what? They also save you the pain of cleaning your table top after every drink.


An amusing yet practical tableware - coasters

A much-needed and highly useful household item, coasters make for an excellent show piece. Coasters are simple in design and function, but add grandeur to your table tops once you place them on it. They signify creative aspects of design. They are made from a variety of different materials and are pieces of artistic finesse. They are available in various thickness, sizes, shapes and designs. They range from designer coasters, fancy coasters, stylish coasters, handcrafted coasters, handmade coasters, coffee table coasters to dining table coasters .What ever type of coasters you choose, they are superb to protect your table top from the heat and strains of dishes. They manifold the grace and grandeur of any party and are suitable for uses in offices and homes, equally. A bottle of wine in any party looks impressive when placed on wine coasters. They protect the linen from drips and your wooden table from condensation. These elegant table displays also make outstanding gifts for a housewarming, or for adding sparkle to an evening party with a few friends or even as a corporate gift to an important client. Since they are long lasting, you can expect many years use from them and so they are a great way to stay remembered by all the people you gift them.

Types of coasters

Depending on the shape, material used and themes, coasters can be categorized as follows:

Shapes of Coasters

The different shapes of coasters available are:
  • Square Coasters
  • Rectangle Coasters
  • Round Coasters
  • Circular Coasters
  • Oval Coasters

Materials of which Coasters are made

Various materials are used to produce beautiful coasters. The different types of coasters according to the material used in them are:

Wooden Coasters -

A beautiful medium for artistic craft, these age old coasters can be hand carved from wood to form perfect molds. They come in a variety of designs and their matching color makes them an attractive addition to your table décor.

Brass Coasters -

These coasters work as a bolt of excitement on any table. They combine an antique look with versatility and make a statement wherever you use them.

Aluminum Coasters -

These are highly scratch -resistant coasters and are available in base aluminum colors of silver, gold and white. They also act as a superb carrier for your message once you engrave it on the coaster. There are many different types of aluminum coasters to choose from, depending on what size is required. These coasters are usually crafted with elegant square, round or rustic edge design including elaborate decorations and carvings.

Coasters crafted out of aluminum impart a sophisticated look and makes an elegant executive gift. These coasters offer a unique way to display the logo, favorite photos or artwork. The embossing looks excellent since the coasters are almost mirror-bright. A modern take on a classic item, aluminum coasters makes an attractive and functional idea for home or office. They too very well compliment every décor.

Glass Coasters -

These coasters are classic table wares with a contemporary touch. Since they are almost transparent, they somehow tend to suit every decor and occasion that you celebrate. They also come in bright colors and in colorless forms on which figures or messages can be engraved.

Stainless Steel Coasters -

These coasters are very durable and they not only keep your table safe from watermarks, but also enhance the atmosphere of the room. These coasters with rubber bottoms and attractive stainless steel tops serve as an attractive focal point for your coffee table or entertaining room when not in use. They are a perfect combination of a modest appeal with a stylish appearance.

Sand Stone Coasters -

The most absorbent drink coasters are the ones made of sand stone. Made of porous sandstone, they contain an explosion of colors that can complement any room decor. The trail of colors shows the stone in a smooth texture. The colors of shifting sands or a complex pattern of hues present a stunning visual effect. These coasters are fade and chip resistant too. There are many different types of sandstone coasters you can purchase. Some forms of sand stone are more porous than others and thus can hold more of the liquid condense. These coasters are mostly coated with varnish to add a protective coating to them, but this does not detract them from their absorbent quality.

Marble Coasters -

Marble drink coasters are very elegant. The colors are reminiscent of ancient times, since the stone itself has existed from the very beginning in history. These coasters are hand crafted and polished and if you look closely you may be able to see traces of fossils in the surface. There is a wide range of options for you to choose from in this variety from coasters with images of clouds to those that are midnight black or fiery red.

Silver Coasters-

These coasters protect the tabletop and fine table linens with grace. Suitable for engraving, these splendid coasters can be embellished with delicate carvings to serve as the perfect symbol of class.

Natural Slate Coasters -

Natural slate is a popular material used in the manufacture of drink coasters. Since slate forms in layers in the environment, each drink coaster has a slightly different color. This occurs due to the collection of chemicals present at each stage of the formation of the slate. Each layer seems to blend into the other and creates seamless lines of color that present a very elegant surface.

Limestone Coasters -

Drink coasters made from limestone are very absorbent. You can see the weathering of the rock in the colors of these coasters. A golden color will make you think of bright sunny days in the depths of winter while one that is blue-gray in color will help you recall images of the ocean and soft summer breezes.

Leather Coasters -

These coasters are made out of leather and are very elegant looking on your desk, table, or conference room. Exclusively used as professional gifts, these coasters are not suitable for placing hot drinks.

Plastic Coasters -

Made of plastic these coasters are very light weight and inexpensive. You can also get custom made plastic coasters with your own photo laminated inside them.

Whatever the type, at the foundation of every coaster should be a soft material that can slide easily along a glass or finished table surface without melting, sticking, scratching or damaging a varnish finish. Two materials commonly used for this purpose are felt fabric and cork board.

Thematic Coasters

Depending on your décor or your celebration, you can choose from a wide variety of themed coasters:
  • For a neutral design for an event, fruit images on coasters are the best. These have the photographs and paintings of apples, lemons, strawberries, and even pomegranates.
  • If you are a vehicle lover, you can opt for neutral drink coaster motifs of vehicles. From antique cars to modern race cars and model T-type cars; you can get them all. You can also go for fire trucks, fishing boats, sailing vessels and old fashioned pirate ships. The most elegant ones in this category would be ones with the picture of an antique bicycle or tricycle on it.
  • For beach parties, you better get the ones with pictures of seashells or beach scenes or waves crashing against the sands and rocks. Another option is a picture of ocean washed pebbles or river pebbles.
  • For animal lovers, coasters with images of a horse, cat or puppy would be ideal while for your children’s’ birthday you can go for cartoon coasters to be placed under the milkshake glasses.
  • But what if you want a coaster to suit your every décor and theme? For this purpose, you can never go wrong with abstract drink coasters with all kinds of colors and patterns in them.

Cleaning your coasters

The right drink coaster is one that is durable enough to just pop in the dishwasher. The porcelain glass coasters and plastic ones are good for the purpose. By doing so, you can keep your coasters free of bacteria. Sometimes stains on the coasters do not come off with just a damp cloth because different liquids stain the coasters in different ways. Cleaning your coasters regularly can renew their absorbent properties. You can get rid of fresh stains by washing them right away in cold water. But the more stubborn ones need a light scrubbing with a sponge or soft brush. Be careful never to use a harsh agent to scrub the surface of the coaster. When you buy a stone drink coaster set, take care not to put them in the dishwasher. Although they do not need regular cleaning, better wipe them off occasionally with a damp cloth.

Coasters from Vital Wares - A solution to sweaty drink glasses

Add a touch of style to your home décor while protecting your furniture from the damaging and messy drips by the help of our wide range of spell binding coasters that instantly drink them up without leaking onto furniture. These coasters come in innumerable colors and varieties. These practical home decor accessories will not stick to the bottom of your glass, cup, bottle, can, etc. when you pick up your drink. The upper surfaces of the coasters are so designed that they will keep glasses and cups from sticking to them when they get wet. This reduces the chances of them sticking to the glass and then falling off, crashing to the floor or tabletop. The cork backings on the other hand will prevent them from scratching your furniture.

These coasters are as functional as they are beautiful. Known for their quality and trend-forward designs, coasters from Vital Wares will hold up for multiple uses. They enhance the grace of your party. They protect and modernize the tables perfectly and make your every drinking experience a memorable one. They do not lose the ability to absorb glass or cup moisture over time and are stain resistant. They also serve to be giftware of an exceptional quality and timeless beauty.

Now beautify the look of your dining table, living room, kitchen or patio with our range of stainless steel coasters and immortalize any special event. Along with an incomparable quality, our decorative coasters are well finished and well polished and include a whole range of enticing stainless steel coasters. These coasters are the perfect style statement of an underrated elegance. Simple yet functional, these serve as ideal personal and professional gifts. Each of these coasters are made using high quality stainless steel and have flawless finish that lightens up the dull looking table into a beautiful interior decorating accessory. Along with durability, designs and styles; these coasters are quite cost effective. With their superior finish and extra shine, they are high on usage and available at competitive industry led rates.

Our array of high shine excellent finish stainless steel coasters reflects a perfect mix of superior quality, utility, durability, style and glamour. Convenient and stylish, these coasters offer many practicalities for the contemporary gentleman or gentlewoman. They are elegant yet tough and with their mirror finish they enhance the decor and appearance of any table. These coasters are rugged enough for a picnic and swank enough for a penthouse suite.

You can create a magic around the dining tables by putting these stainless steel coasters, or use them as a nut dish or ashtray, whatever you wish. Light in weight and durable in quality, they accommodate all standard wine bottles. Your wine bottles will sit neatly in these classic, simple, sided coasters, keeping drips from reaching tables and counters. So what are you waiting for? Bring home vital ware coasters today and give your favorite wine a royal treatment while protecting your table's surface with these effective and affordable stainless steel coasters - all in your budget.

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