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Home Bar - The need for a relaxed ambiance

After being stressed out by the hassles of your daily grind, comes the need of relaxing and leisure and what can be a more perfect place for ambiance than a bar at your home? It is a destination of peace and enjoyment for you. It is the revelry that invites family and friends to come over and share their joys and sorrows. In short, it is the perfect edition to any recreation room. This is the reason that having one’s own bar area at home is the dream of every individual.


Importance of bar accessories

The inevitable part of a bar is its accessories. Its importance lies in serving your drinks with class, proper bar equipments are crucial for catering drinks in a bar. In absence of proper bar ware, a great deal of cacophony may be created when orders build up in the kitchen and you are not well equipped to serve them all and are scrabbling around looking for cutlery.

Types of Bars and their barware

Wine preparation and tasting is a tradition of elegance. It is an intricate and highly evolved practice where a number of factors like the temperature and aeration of the wine relates to its flavor. A wine connoisseur knows that for obtaining the perfect taste everything and everyone in and around the bar should participate. Depending on the types of consumers and the purpose of usage, bars and their barware are of many varieties.

In older days, a bar comprised merely of a table, some stools, wine glasses and wine bottles. But now, equipping your bar with all the right bar accessories is about more than a table and a couple of stools. Today bars may include everything from sophisticated wine chillers and refrigerators to oak glass racks, steel sinks and custom made furniture.

The common types of bars and their accessories are:


Designer bars are primarily used as home bars and they contain a more casual and relaxing atmosphere around them. These types of bars were the ones which replaced the association of wine with only the upscale clientele or people of the high social class and brought it in the comforts of the home of common people. Very pretty to look, these bars have an environment that lends itself to a good socializing setting with family and friends and provides a more intimate appeal. The accessories in designer bars are placed according to the current decorating scheme and include-

  1. Wine Racks - These racks can store wine bottles in an attractive and organized manner. Available in a wide variety of styles, most of them are made from different types of hardwood or from metals like steel or wrought iron. Some of them are quite large and exist as free standing shelf while some are small enough to fit in a cabinet. Some wine racks are built to be hanged in a suspended form in places where space is limited, like a kitchen. Wine racks make it easy for you to find any specific bottle that you need.
  2. Wine refrigerator - For the consumption of chilled drinks that are needed frequently particularly during summers, nothing is more convenient than a wine chiller for the purpose. These are separate refrigerators where you can keep a large number of bottles, ready to go and you do not need to clutter them up in your main refrigerator. These refrigerators also allow you to set your own custom temperature thereby letting your wine bottles cool exactly according to your needs.
  3. Wine thermometer - These thermometers enable you to know if your wine is at the perfect temperature without being dipped into the glass of wine. These ones also known as “at a distance thermometers” can register the temperature of a glass from a few inches away.
  4. Wine coasters - To avoid that drip of collected condense of a chilled wine glass on its surface onto the table below, these coasters come in handy. Larger in size than the drink coasters, these are sized to fit around the bottom of your table.
  5. Drop Stop - It is a thin cylinder that fits into the mouth of the wine bottle and prevents spill. It is so designed that the wine can be directly funneled through the spout into the glass without a single drop of spillage.
  6. Void Pumps - For bottles opened but not finished in one sitting, void pumps are of great use. They create a vacuum seal around the mouth of the bottle stopping any air from getting into or out of the wine, thereby keeping the bottle almost as fresh as the first time you opened it. In comparison to sticking the cork back in the bottle mouth, wine kept in this way lasts longer.
  7. Bar stools - Bar stools are the very first need of a bar. Built to ideally compliment the bar, these provide a comfortable height to the wine consumer for a functional drinking.

Built for commercial use, industrial bars are intimate, sociable and inviting with industrial ceilings, overstuffed sofas and wine barrels. Ideal for partying and celebrations, these bars are also a comfortable way to enjoy when you are on your own in a new place. The accessories used are common to the designer bars - from wine totes to wine thermometers, drip collars to uncorking machines. Industrial bars offer a wine list of by-the-glass selection other than the bottled choices.

The subcategories of industrial bars are:

  1. Bar cum café - Here, the wine list rotates regularly in addition to a cuisine that is cheese or organic flatbread pizza. Nowadays, wine bars have begun to incorporate a larger variety of food choices. While traditionally cheeses and desserts are still served, wine is combined with appetizer sized typical selections to enhance the palate. 2
  2. Long bars or hotel lounges - These are parts of hotels.
  3. Gantry - These are similar to designer bars. Also known as back bars, these have a set of shelves of glasses and bottles behind the counter. Some gallantries are elaborately decorated with woodwork, etched glass, mirrors, and lights.
  4. Patio Bars - Often hidden behind the main bar, these are decked out with cabanas, sofas, chairs and an inviting fireplace. These are booked by people for private family functions or gatherings.
  5. Apart from the above said types, some industrial bars have live bands, comedians, go-go dancers or a floor show for entertainment.

Bar accessories - the perfect addition to your bar to elevate its look and feel

If you combine functionality and the right look of your bar with the aid of right bar accessories, you can give a truly unique touch and add glamour to your home. Regardless of the type of drinker you are - wine collector or beer drinker, a wealth of bar accessories is waiting in the market to be purchased by you. Out of these, many bar wares are absolutely necessary if you want to help your wine experience reach new levels of enjoyment. These accessories not only make your drinking experience rich but also enable you to bring out the best in your favorite wines. For an evening centered around quality wine and quality company, these wine accessories are very vital.

Stylish bar accessories that let you entertain with elegance and ease

If you are a wine enthusiast and you wish to enjoy that evolving wine of yours as it mellows over time you need to add our quality wine accessories to your collections and make your drinking experience splendid and unforgettable. Now you can add value and class to your evening drinks and entertain your guests with elegance by using these unique products that also provide a look of aristocracy to your cocktail lounge or wine bar. These eye catching bar accessories from Vital Wares are just the product you were waiting for - the product that can grab peoples’ attention at their very first appearance and get them to come again and again at your bar. These smart and easy to adapt products are suited to cater every need of your premises, whatever they may be. Created out of finest quality materials, these items carry a lot of splendor and fashion with them which make them the most sought after items.

Sophistication created by proper bar accessories is the key to a flawless display

From bottle openers to wine pumps, coolers, racks and glasses, we provide the entire bar equipment that is a must possess for your bar. These equipments are a great way to create an everlasting impression on that special someone who means so much to you or for the complete satisfaction of all the guests while hosting parties, where sophistication is the key. Presentation has always been the real essence of such parties and the bar accessories provided by us can make your presentation as perfect as you have always desired. Besides, these accessories also make perfect gifts for those people who seem to have everything.

Top quality attractive bar accessories for an affordable price - Your complete value for money

We understand that for you it is very important to derive the maximum value for the money that you have hard earned, in your every purchase. And so, by offering these fantastic products at reasonable rates, we hope to keep more money in your pocket to invest in those drinks you want to be drinking while using these equipments. With wonderful features like smooth surface and edges, resistance to stain and unique designs, finding the proper bar accessory that accommodates your every need has never been so easy. Be it our wine glasses, corkscrews, shakers , bottle openers, wine coolers, Ice buckets or wine pumps - everything will be loved by you once you start using them. So what are you waiting for? Purchase our spellbinding products and add an extra splash to the fun of your next romantic setting, party or that spontaneous picnic that calls for a wine or beer. It is your turn to celebrate your life - with vital ware bar accessories.
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