Wall Decor

A room with bare walls is devoid of any character. Imagine walking into such a room. Does it evoke any feelings? The answer would be a definitive no. Such spaces are totally uninspiring and unwelcoming. No one wants their homes to look cold and uninviting. That is why people decorate their walls. Interesting wall décor can add immense warmth and charm to any room.


Everyone loves Wall Décor

There are no rules or guidelines to how you should do up your walls. It is entirely a matter of individual choice and of course personal taste. While in some homes you may find purely impersonal things on the wall, others may have their most cherished belonging up on display. Coins, stamps, memorabilia from trips, merit certificates and trophies, baby’s first shoes – just about anything and everything can be found on some walls.

A creatively done up wall can become a captivating focal point in any room. It is here that you can put the most eye-catching pieces of wall décor, be it a huge single painting, a collage of your favorite pictures, a set of vintage china, a collection of lovely wall tiles, a beautifully framed mirror or even a unique clock.

Current Wall Décor trends

What kind of wall décor you opt for is personal decision, but it helps to know the current trends in wall decoration. Contemporary wall décor articles are really in vogue and are understandably the preferred choice for the modern home owner. Other elements like clocks and mirrors never seem to go out of fashion and just keep reinventing themselves to keep up with the changing times. We have a wide selection of these articles available for you right here.

Contemporary Wall Décor: This is a very broad category and could include anything from sleek wall mounted DVD players, lattice wall tiles to wall fans and flower art for the walls. The one thing common between all these elements pieces is that they fit effortlessly into any modern home to enhance its appearance.

Wall Clocks: Wall clocks are an all time favorite. They’ve been around for centuries and they aren’t going anywhere for many more years. To fit into modern decors they now come in sleeker and lighter materials and clean lines.

Mirrors: Whether you put them in your living room, bedroom or your bathroom, mirrors work everywhere. Large mirrors are used to provide depth to small bedrooms and living rooms. Small decorative mirrors in the foyer or hallway provide a welcoming touch to the space. You can use special magnifying mirrors in dressing areas and bathrooms to take a really close look at yourself. In keeping with current design trends, mirrors now come in smarter designs and contemporary materials.

Wall Panels: Wall panels are a great way to break up wall monotony. Some wall panels are used for their functionality, other for their visual appeal. There modern range of wall panels is simply amazing. You can choose from chalk board panels, pin-up board panels and decorative design panels among others.

Other Wall Décor Favorites

Photographs: Photographs truly personalize your home. A photo wall can become the centerpiece in any room. It not just looks great; it imparts a uniqueness to your home.

Paintings: If you can afford an original, wonderful. If not, you can pick up great prints at affordable prices and these can grace your walls and look as stunning. Better still draw or paint something yourself and put it up on your wall. Nothing could be as original as that.

Wall Sculptures: These 2 dimensional works of art turn an ordinary wall into a stunner.

Wallpaper Murals: Some homes use wall paper murals to give a kind of three dimensional effect to a wall. So your bedroom could become have a view of the sea or a charming garden full of pretty flowers.

Wall cabinets and shelves: Decorative wall cabinets and shelves not just look appealing, they help you get organized. You can display your books, bric-a-brac and other collectibles on these.

Wall Tapestries and Rugs: If you have an antique or a really attractive rug or tapestry, by all means hang it up on the wall. It’ll give your room a soul.

Candles: Wall mounted candle holders or wall candle sconces as they are called, add a soft mystical touch to your room, allowing you to relax and unwind. They work particularly well in the bedroom.

In a nutshell then, thoughtfully selected wall art and articles give your home a distinct personality of its own. They contribute in a big way in creating a home that you’re so proud to call your own!

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