Fireplace to keep you warm!

There are innumerable ways to decorate our homes. The right blend of home furnishings, decor, furniture and accents can glamorize our homes.

While giving your home a make over, adding a fireplace is an interesting idea. It can alter the look of your home in a big way. A fire place means a structure built with bricks, at the base of the chimney for domestic fire. In olden times, fireplaces were made with bricks and were essentially used for cooking .Gradually, and fireplaces became an integral part of homes to provide warmth in winters. Traditional fireplaces have given way to modern fireplaces .the varieties are too many! A fireplace in the house gives an ethnic charm to it. It has become an important element of interior designing.


Types of fireplaces

Fireplaces built with brick or stone, are also known as Masonry fireplaces. Prefabricated fireplaces are made with metal- These fireplaces have become very popular because of their affordable prices and easy installation. Vent less fireplaces or duct free fireplaces, Gas fireplaces are easier to maintain- you can do way with messy wood chips and ashes. Electric fireplaces are economical and you donít have to worry about fumes, Rum ford fireplaces are tall and shallow, designed in such a way that they produce more heat. Wood burning fireplaces are the most sought after. The idea of burning wood has a unique appeal.

It is important to choose the appropriate fireplace that suits your needs and matches your interiors.

Accessories for your fireplace

Some common products are andirons that prevent the logs from falling out on the floor. Fire back protects the back wall of the fireplace and also provides and interesting backdrop to the fireplace. Decorative accessories can be placed on the mantle like boot scrapers, damper hooks, gas valve keys, ash bins, fireguards, log boxes, pellet baskets, pokers, bellows, tongs, tool stands and more.

Maintenance of the fireplace

It is extremely important to keep the fireplace clean and safe.

Some tips on fireplace maintenance:

  • The fireplace should be inspected by a professional at least once in a year
  • Chimneys should be regularly checked for any obstructions such as birdís nests etc
  • The screen should be kept closed to prevent embers from falling out.
  • Place a non flammable rug in front of the fireplace
  • The fire should not burn for more than five hours and the door should be kept open.
  • The fire should never be left unattended.
  • Chimney caps should be used to prevent obstructions.
  • Vacuum cleaners should not be used to clean the ashes.
  • Ashes and unburned logs should be removed regularly from wood fireplaces.

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Denatured Ethanol fireplace-These are ideal for clean, safe and pollution free home heating. Ethanol is made from plants and when burned does not release any toxic substances that can prove harmful. Hence, Denatured Ethanol fireplaces are prefect for your home.

Fireplace tools

Some tools that come handy are:

Wood racks

To keep wood in place

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