The first ever clock used by mankind wasnít invented by anyone

No one could put it in their home, and yet it could be used by everyone. Sounds strange doesnít it? But thatís exactly what happened since the very first thing people used to tell the time was the sun! You could tell the time by looking at the sun as it crossed the sky. When it was directly overhead, it was mid-day. When it was near the horizon, it was early morning or early evening.


Clocks over the years

The sun therefore was the inspiration behind the first ever clock invented. This was a sundial and was used around 3,500 BC and you could tell the time from this sun clock by the position of the shadow of the sun on a dial. During the day, this was pretty accurate but at night, there was no way of telling the time in the absence of the sun.

This drawback probably was the reason behind the invention of the water clocks invented around 1400BC by the Egyptians. Here water levels were used to tell the time. Unlike the sundial this was reliable both during the day and at night unlike the sundial.

After the day was divided into 12 hours between sunrise and sunset, the water clock ceased to work as it had to be reset every day. Many attempts and many years later, the first proper pendulum clock with a seconds hand made its appearance around 1600. One problem with these pendulum clocks is that they stopped running after a while and had to be restarted. The first pendulum clock with external batteries was developed around 1840. By 1906, the batteries were inside the clock. Quartz crystal clocks were invented in 1920. They continue to be used to this day. Of course the technology is superior and the designs are more sophisticated in keeping with the changing times and home decor trends.

Contemporary clocks

Contemporary clocks have modernity written all over them. The new age look is achieved by using various types of materials like metal, colored fabrics, plastic or combination of all in the design. The shapes too are dramatic; it could be an oval, a squiggly line, a cube and anything in between. They all have sharp lines and often mix modern and traditional designs to get a totally different look. You can easily find contemporary clocks with unusual dials or backgrounds, interesting face colors and pictures that reflect your interests or style. Each of these modern clocks is different than the other but they all have one thing in common. They all make a strong style statement.

Contemporary wall clocks with their outstanding designs bring a touch of class into any home. The best thing about these clocks is that they complement both traditional and modern home decor . In a modern setting they blend right in and in a more traditional one, they will clearly stand out.

We offer a large selection of contemporary clocks that are sure to look spectacular in any home. Put one on a wall and you have a work of art that you can proudly display. Place one on your bedside table and see how it adds a sleek and modern appeal to the room.

How to choose the perfect the perfect clock for your home

  • Try and get a clock in a color which complements the color of your wall. It could be a matching color or a totally contrasting one.
  • Certain types of clocks are suitable for certain rooms. Floral or food designed based wall clocks look great in kitchens. In the living room, wooden wall clocks contemporary clocks and classic Victorian one are preferred. Bedrooms needs soft touched light-colored wall clocks . Some may even need an alarm clock early wake up call. Nursery rhyme clock faces, teaching dial wall clocks or cartoon faces are favorites for kid rooms.
  • Make sure the style of the clock reflects the character of your home.
  • The clock material should be suitable to the space where it is going to be put up. For instance a kitchen clock should not have a plastic or glass sheet over the face as these often fog up with cooking.
  • Make sure that the clock you buy strikes a balance with the furniture and the other decor pieces
  • Always buy from a reputed and reliable store, online or otherwise.

Modern clocks can add a special touch to your home

Clocks now go beyond just telling time. They can add color, compliment the decor or even add a whimsical touch to a room. And with the choices available today, no matter what kind of styling, color scheme, or type of decor your home has, you will are sure to locate the perfect clock.

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