Candle Holders

Walk into any elegant home and you are bound to find at least a few beautiful candles around you. In fact of late, candles have become an integral element of any well designed interior. But then candles have always been an important part of our lives. They were used to light up homes before the advent of electricity, now they are used to add elegance and warmth to our interiors. Light up a few candles in a room, dim the lights and see the difference it makes to the ambience.


Candle holders – perfect companions for candles

Ok, so you have candles, now for something that candles can’t do without – the candle holder. Candles and candle holders go hand in hand. They’ve been around ever since candles were created. The very first candle holders were made of clay. Slowly as civilizations evolved, man started experimenting with different materials. Just like candles, candle holder design has undergone radical changes over the past one decade or so. In the pre-electricity days, the most popular kind of candle holders were really large, most often with multi-tiered candleholders to hold a lot of candles. These worked well for lighting up large rooms. Modern candle holders are smarter, sleeker and designer in the true sense of the word. Now they help in lighting up the ambience!

Traditionally candle holders were used to hold candles and to stop the molten wax from running away. Today they are being used as stylish décor enhancers. Their usage has therefore changed from that of a utility article to a largely ornamental one.

A wide variety of candle holders to choose from

The choice is limitless when you set out to buy a candle holder. There are various styles to choose from like wall, hanging, pillar, floating, votive, tea light, and hurricane being a few.
  • Wall candle holders or wall sconces as they are called, come in traditional wrought iron as well as contemporary aluminum and stainless steel. Since these are mounted on the wall, they save on floor space and can be fitted in either any corner or the middle of the wall.
  • Pillar candle holders as the name suggests, are for holding pillar candles. Their design is inspired by tall candlesticks and they make great centerpieces.
  • Floating candle holders have this amazing ability to float on water. They can be used in ponds, bowls, fountains, bathtubs or any other water body.
  • Votive candle holders are small glass jar candle holders. They look great, are versatile and come in all shapes and sizes and varieties like plain glass, mosaic tiled glass, frosted glass and colored glass. These are available everywhere from small stores to specialized candle stores.
  • Tea light candle holders – These hold very small flat candles call Tea lights. They come in many innovative designs and are currently extremely popular.
  • Hurricane candle holders and lanterns are basically enclosures around the light to prevent it from going out in the wind. They are great for the outdoors and create a wonderful atmosphere for parties and evening dinners in the garden or patio.

Varied Material, Sensational Designs in Candle Holders

These different styles in turn are available in every possible material – wood, wrought iron, glass, silver, brass, ceramic, stone, crystal and even paper. Not to mention the amazing designs they come in! In fact a lot of well known interior designers and even sculptors now offer candle holders as part of their collections.

Ultra modern Candle Holders

Candle holders made out of contemporary material like stainless steel are very attention grabbing. They look elegant, they don’t break, they are tarnish proof and they have that futuristic feel. They blend in perfectly with all modern interiors and have really become the preferred choice for the modern generation.

How Candle holders work for you

Candle holders are perfect to light up candles all around the house when you call friends over, when you have a romantic meal with your partner and just when you feel like changing the mood around you. Even if the candles are not lit, they just add to the decor. They also make lovely Christmas decorations. And of course you can use these around the house in the event of a power blackout.

Candle holders make excellent gifts for weddings anniversaries, housewarmings and other special occasions. So the next time you’re looking around for that perfect gift, just pick up a candle stand. Rest assured your gift will make someone really happy.


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