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Dining Tables - The foundation of every dining experience

From the time you get up from your bed, you are busy either making a living or making a house or both. You work really hard to raise your family and by the end of the day what you really crave for is a nice meal and a quality time that you can spend with your family in the comfort of your home. This is when a dining table comes to your rescue. Its sheer importance is in bringing the members of a family together at mealtimes. What can be more comforting than having your dinner on a dining table? It is convenient and you can have the best time of your day chatting and eating with your loved ones.

Your dining table is the centre of attention of your dining room. But choice of a dinner table is not an easy task. From classic to contemporary to modern, there are hundreds of varieties to choose from.

It is important to choose a dining table that can work well within the space of your dining room in terms of design and size. While too large dining tables can make the room uncomfortable and create a feel of being closed in, too small dining tables can make the place look unfinished and fail to create an inviting atmosphere. Therefore, it is important to choose a table that on one hand is of an appropriate shape, design and size and on the other is appealing to the eye, work with the elements of space and create an inviting feel to the family members and guests alike.

So, you have a vision for your dining counter. You are dreaming of something innovative yet elegant, timeless yet functional. And you can begin by going through the various types of dining tables enlisted below and making a choice that suits your need and taste.

Dinner tables were historically made of wood-large in size and accompanied by a number of dining chairs, the most common table shape being generally rectangular with two armed chairs and an even number of un-armed side chairs along the long sides. But with the passage of time when great dinner halls were shifted to parlors and then to dining rooms, the shape, size and design of the dinner table changed considerably. In modern times, dinner tables are adjacent to the kitchen for convenience in serving and now they are made up of not only wood but also glass, veneer, plastic and other materials. Based upon your style to suit your aesthetic taste in home furnishings, you can opt for ready made or custom made tables.



Various shapes of dining tables for you to choose from include:
  • Oval dining tables
  • Rectangular dining tables
  • Round dining tables and
  • Triangular dining tables

While round dining tables are considered to be of a more classic form, rectangular tables are known to be trendy and modern.


Once you have chosen the shape and size of your table, the next thing to consider is what material it is made from.
  1. Wooden dining tables: These tables have a very rustic feel to them, made from solid wood. They are made up of several kinds of wood like Mahogany, Oak, Walnut, Rosewood, Elm, Maple, Satinwood, Calamander, Sycamore, Kingwood, Ash, Beech, Birch, Cherry, Pine and teak.

    There are several advantages of wooden dining tables. They age beautifully and scratches fade away naturally. A table purchased of unpolished wood has anti-bacterial properties.

    Though they are hard wearing and long lasting, they are often prone to warping. Also wood furniture is difficult to move and store and they can be often expensive if top grade woods are used. These flaws of wooden furniture motivate people to look for choices other than wood.

  2. Glass dining tables: These introduce a modern elegance to your dining room. For a bristol feel, choose a table with decoratively scrolled metal legs. The transparency of these tables promote a sense of space and is ideal for smaller dining rooms. They look modern and sophisticated and need only a little effort for cleaning. But one should be aware of their edges if they are sharp. Also they attract dust constantly and so need regular dusting. They are very fragile and may easily break. This gives way to look forward to the next option- veneer.
  3. Veneer dining tables: Veneer tables mimic the appearance of a more attractive wood grain. Thus, it gives a look of wood without its price and is usually less expensive. Unlike wood it also does not warp. It is impervious to water and spills but still it is less lasting than wood and may chip at edges.
  4. Plastic dining tables: These light weight tables are trendy and usually pretty affordable. They are also durable and easy to maintain. There are a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from plastic dining tables. But they don’t age well and tend to yellow with time. They are easily damaged by heat and the scratches are obvious and hard to repair.


Along with the choice of material, the designs of dining tables play a great role for providing space and comfort.
  • Pedestal tables- When space is somewhat limited, a round table that will comfortably seat four to six people is a great option. You can go with a pedestal table to further maximize the use of the space. In fact, many of the round dining tables are constructed as pedestal tables, eliminating the need to arrange the seating in a manner that avoids the table legs.
  • Drop leaf tables- These are excellent options for accommodating larger dinner parties. With drop leaf tables, the leaves are designed to fold to the sides of the table when not in use, but can be raised to create a larger dining table surface when needed. Another design of the same category allows the leaves to slide under the main section of the table top. When needed these can be slid upward and locked into place to expand the top.
  • Tab or insert tables- These tables are divided into two sections which can be slid apart and the tab is inserted in the middle of the table. Thus, the table can be expanded. The tab can be stored in a closet when not in use. These tables are mostly used in a buffet or a formal sit down.
  • Prime time dining tables- One of the latest inventions of the wide variety of dining tables are the prime time dining tables. Nowadays, family meals are often taken in front of the television in the lounge. To suit this requirement, prime time tables have been designed which are lower as compared to other dining tables but are at a comfortable height when you are sitting and are used in conjunction with sofas instead of chairs.
Varying upon the price range, designs and styles, you can choose from designer tables, single pedestal tables, double pedestal tables, handcrafted tables, home decor tables, royal tables and carved wood tables. You can also go for custom made tables where their colors, sizes and fabrications all come as per your requirements.


While dining tables are extensively used for meals, there are their other uses as well.

Many women find the dining table as a sort of meeting ground. They sit down with their daughters around the table to discuss the things that are going through their minds. Many a time people meet for their midnight snacks at the table. These dining tables also play the role of workstations. Children do their homework on the tables, mothers fold laundries on the tables and the meals are not only served here but also shaped here. Yes, the vegetables are chopped at the very place before the meals are cooked. These tables are also considered a cooling station for pies and cookies.

Your dining table is not only a table to eat at but a center of entertainment, family bonding and the heart of every gathering. It is an asset to your home. This is a table where a family is formed. It is where a family learns to communicate and learns to grow. It is where living takes form.

So, next time when you think of buying a dining table, besides thinking of all the consumers reasons, also consider the personal touches. Better go for a long lasting one which you can keep up and pass on so that you can be remembered in the same way for generations.

Dine in Style!

Gone are the days when a dining table was merely a functional piece of furniture which a family used to sit together to eat their meals. Only a few spared a thought to the fact that such a vital piece of furniture, which brought a family together, surely deserved to be ‘special’. Also, choices were few and, often, far too expensive to be within everyone’s means.

However, times have changed now. Not only are the choices immense, but also affordable. There are as many different kinds of dining tables available in the market today, as there are tastes and pockets. Also, what has changed is the perception of the people who now believe that dining tables not only serve a functional purpose but also a decorative one and the family that sits together for a meal must not only ‘eat’ together but also ‘enjoy’ together. It is a place where a family sits to discuss trivial matters and also to make important decisions. It is, in short, a place where a family bonds.

Dining tables - the centre of wonderful moments!

Most of us relish the cherished moments that we spend together as a family and an ambience that adds to the charm and aesthetic satisfaction of the senses surely makes such cherished moments more memorable. So, whether it is an intimate dinner that you share with your sweetheart or a noisy family dinner filled with the chattering of children, a classy and stylish dining table will be the perfect accessory.

Home furniture is a statement of your style. When it comes to home furniture, the last thing you want to ignore is the central piece of furniture where the entire family will sit, eat, laugh and even have serious conversations. The great thing about choosing a dining table is that it doesn’t necessary have to match the furniture of the rest of the house. A dining table can have a character all of its own. So, even if the rest of your house flaunts an elegant, contemporary look, you can choose a dining table with an antiquated look complete with ornate carving as your centerpiece. Also, you can create an innovative look in your dining room by placing a singular piece of furniture that stands apart from the rest of the house décor.

Choose a dining table that’s warm and welcoming!

A great piece of furniture in your dining room can not only transform the look of your living space but be more inviting to the entire family to spend some fruitful time together. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you choose:
  • Pick the right size, a space saver is ideal
  • pick the right shape, one that allows more space for movement (oval, round, rectangular, triangular)
  • Pick the right style (here you can be experimental)
  • Pick the right material (wood, glass, plastic, veneer)
  • Pick the right quality (buy the best you can afford)
In short, a dining table that looks welcoming is preferable to the one that looks extremely stylish and is a pain to maintain. Choose a dining that can truly serve as a piece of ‘family’ furniture than a decorative item. After all, you would rather enjoy a carefree hearty meal with your family and friends on your dining table than have your heart miss a beat every time your kids or guests spill the sumptuous curry on your table!

A range that truly compliments your style and taste!

At Vital wares, we present a range of dining tables to you that will suit your individual taste and style. If you have a vision for your dining experience, we have the range for you that will fulfill all your dreams. For the stylish you, our Bravo dining table is just perfect. It is a stylish piece with glass top and wooden legs to support. If you are the kind who likes solid, reliable furniture that will be passed on in the family along with all the memories, then choose our Brazil dining set that is an elegant set of dining table and chairs to match; the set is made from solid wood.

For those among you, who have an eye for innovation, we have a unique creation in the form of our Broderick dining table with a unique base which is x shaped. Made from slid wood, this table has a glass top. And of course, we have something for those among you who like to keep it simple, yet classy. There will be nothing to match the sheer elegance of our liberty dining table that will look harmonious in all kinds of surroundings. It is created from solid wood and veneer. And yes, when it comes to catching the eye, our Silvio dining table set with amazing chrome finished steel base, glass top and leather chairs will leave your guests truly envious.

Our other dining table sets such as Vincent dining table set, pyramid dining table set, Salvador dining table set, Marseille round dining table set, Marcel dining table set, lotus square dining table set are all created with an individuality imparted to each piece.

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