Mirror, mirror on the wall!

Looking glass or a mirror is an object that has a polished surface in which you can see your reflection. In olden times, still water or collected water was the only source of reflection; the first man made mirrors were polished stones. Today the most commonly used type is the plain mirror with a flat surface. There are curved mirrors also which are used for magnifying or diminishing images. Mirrors are mostly used for grooming purposes.


Some superstitions connected with mirrors

  • Mirrors were used as a tool in witchcraft for casting spells.
  • Mirrors can never lie so if the mirror shows something other than your image, it is a bad sign.
  • Infants are not allowed to see mirrors, it is considered inauspicious.
  • If a mirror is broken, bad luck will follow.
  • In olden days it was believed that in case of a death, the mirrors should be covered.
  • If a mirror falls from a wall, the place is considered haunted.
  • It is said that while sleeping the mirrors in our rooms should be covered.

Decorative, stylish, trendy, fashionable mirrors

Imagine if there were no mirrors, we would not be able to know how we look. Mirrors are an indispensible part of our lives. The variety of looking mirrors is endless. Mirrors come in different designs, patterns and styles. There are mirrors with simple gold and silver linings, intricate designs around them, engraved and embossed designs, wooden frames, beaded frames, mirrors in different shapes such as sun, moon, flowers and many more. Mirrors come in sizes to match your requirements, Mirrors can be used in a living room or the patio to add glamour. Here you can have mirrors with rich designs and patterns. In your bedrooms or dressing rooms, mirrors are a necessity. There are full size mirrors with wooden or wrought iron frames to give you a full view. Apart from that you can have small fancy mirrors for decoration. Bathrooms are incomplete without mirrors. Simple mirrors with metal framing are suitable here. For your kid's rooms, you can opt for a looking mirror that is colorful and designed specifically for kid's rooms. You can very well have an exotic looking mirror at the entrance to provide a glimpse of the glamour that follows. Large mirrors can make any room look much bigger than its original size.

Apart from the ones used at homes, there are optical mirrors, under vehicle search mirrors, port hole mirrors, pocket mirrors, antique mirrors and more. Mirrors are also used in telescopes, lasers, cameras and industrial machinery.

Did you know that there are some animals that are intelligent enough to understand that mirrors show a reflection?

There are certain animals that can use the mirror to see themselves. Some of them are - Asian elephants, bonobos, common chimpanzees, dolphins, magpies and orangutans.

Mirrors also have entertainment value

Mirrors are used in kaleidoscopes, in discs and pubs as disco balls, used in amusement parks as mirror mazes, mirrors showing distorted shapes etc. They are also used by magicians.

Check out the latest and trendiest collection of mirrors designed and created by the best in business:

  • Joshua standing mirror made of solid wood and veneer is an excellent piece. This revolving unit has full length mirror on one side and four shelves and a drawer on the other side for storage. It is such an elegant space saver! This two in one compact mirror is the perfect option for small rooms.
  • Shell loft mirror, made from solid birch and birch veneer is designed and crafted to enhance all kinds of surroundings. It comes in two sizes and dark espresso finish. This wall mounted mirror can work wonders for your home.
  • Shell square mirror is a simple and elegant piece created from solid birch and birch veneer. The dark espresso finish makes it stand apart. It can beautify any wall with great expertise. Check out the sizes available.
  • Shell wall mirror is another excellent piece fit for your home. It is created from solid birch and birch veneer. This wall mountable strong and elegant mirror comes in dark espresso finish. Mount it anywhere - entrance, living room or dining room.
  • Shinto floor mirror is a unique full length mirror. It comes with a stand to support it in the floor. This classic piece comes in dark espresso finish and made out of elm wood. This mirror is perfect for your special home.
  • Shinto wall mirror is an exquisite piece. The wooden frame is simple with beveled edges. It can bring new life to the wall it is mounted on.

All varieties of mirrors look elegant, strong, easy to maintain and will last longer than you think. These mirrors are a result of careful thinking and superb designing by the masters of the field.

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