Towel Hooks

A well decorated bathroom is as much about user friendliness as it is about good looks. The market today is full of bathroom accessories that help people create the perfect bathroom Ė elegant yet practical. One such accessory is towel hooks. A simple yet very useful product that helps organize the bathroom a little better.


Towel hooks are a great way to store towels

A lot of people prefer to use towel racks for towel storage. These look great as long as the towels are neatly arranged. But this is hardly the case and towels are seldom put back neatly. This makes the towel rack and the bathroom lose its visual appeal. Thatís the reason why towel racks donít work in a lot of homes especially homes with small children. The best alternative in this case is towel hooks.

Defined simply, a towel hook is a peg (shaped like a hook) for hanging towels or clothes. The hook is attached to a larger rigid base which is secured to a wall or other vertical surface. Towel hooks are a great choice for a space like a bathroom where towels are used very frequently. You donít need to arrange towels in any special way for them to look neat and organized. All you need to do is hang the towel on the hook and youíre done. So with minimal effort, you can have a bathroom that is tidy, organized and smart.

Using towel hooks has its advantages

  • They are very easy to put up.
  • They are small in size so can be put up anywhere in the bathroom without worrying about space they would occupy.
  • They take up considerably less space than a towel rack, though they serve the same purpose as effectively.
  • There is a wide variety of towel hooks available to complement all kinds of bathroom dťcor and styles.

Towel hooks are very easy to install

Towel hooks are perhaps the easiest to install out of all the wall mounted bathroom accessories. Start with identifying a location in your bathroom. Then with the help of a metal pipe detector check for the presence of any water pipes or electric wiring in the area where you intend installing the hook. If a water pipe or electric wiring is found, shift the location. Once the location is finalized, mount the hook on the wall with the help of screws using a screwdriver. But before you do that make sure you check the level with a ruler or spirit level to ensure that the hook doesnít end up looking crooked. Once the screws are fixed tightly, the hook is ready to use. In case you want to install more than one hook, do make certain that there is enough space on both sides of the hook for the towel to hang freely. You also have the option of putting up multi-hook which has a large base and a number of hooks that allow you to hang many towels on the same piece at one time.

Various kinds of towel hooks

All towel hooks essentially have the same structure; what differs is the mechanism we use to mount them or fix them to the wall or any other surface. Based on this differentiation, towel hooks are essentially of 4 types:

Screw type: These are the most popular kind and undoubtedly the most sturdy, strong and reliable. These can take heavy weights provided they are fixed properly. These are permanent fixtures and once you install them, you cannot remove them very easily.

Magnetic: These hooks can be fixed anywhere provided you have a metallic surface where they can be attached. These donít usually work in the bathroom as there is very little use of metal in most bathrooms. They are more useful in kitchens where you have a lot of metallic appliances and these can be fixed on those with ease.

Suction: These are very versatile and can be fixed on any surface like glass, wood tile or plastic. These are ideal for places where you canít put up permanent hooks like in a rented home. Though suction towel hooks are quite strong they still cannot take as much weight as the permanent screw type hooks.

Self Adhesive: This type has a strong adhesive at the back of the hook. To fix these hooks, you need to peel the cover off the adhesive tape and press it tightly on to the surface for a few seconds. You should then leave it for a few hours to set tightly and then use it to hang towels or anything else.

Our range of towel hooks has style and character

We bring you an impressive range of towel hooks which are perfect for incorporating elegance and efficiency into any bathroom. Brought to you in association with Blomus, Umbra and Zack, these hooks epitomize style in its highest form. Crafted out of fine stainless steel by these three masters of design, this range is perfect for your modern home. It includes single hooks, double hooks, multiple hooks and hook rails. Though this range is largely the conventional screw in type, there are some self adhesive options as well for you to choose from.

Towel hooks are a wonderful accessory which are useful not just in the bathroom but in other spaces in the home as well. They are highly functional, simple to assemble and can help keep your home look tidy and organized at all times.

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