Bathroom Shelves

Whatever the size of your bathroom, somehow there is always a shortage of storage space in there. Most modern bathrooms come fitted with some sort of cabinetry but that is seldom enough for a families’ ever growing collection of toiletries, cosmetics, medicines and bath linen. Getting more cabinets installed is often a laborious, time consuming and an expensive proposition. Often bathrooms are small in size and there is hardly any more room for additional cabinets. Bathroom shelves meet this bathroom storage challenge very effectively.


What are bathroom shelves?

Bathroom shelves are a great substitute for built-in cabinets. Bathroom shelving units are usually smaller in size and are of various types like wall mounted, free standing and corner units. They come in a variety of designs and styles, some with a single shelf and some with multiple layers and some even have doors and drawers. The most popular ones these days that are being used to add a modern touch to the bathroom are made of glass and metal but wood too remains a favorite and people use it to give their bathroom a solid character.

Bathroom shelves come in a number of styles

Whether its open shelves or compact units, there are a number of styles to choose from:

Wall Shelves and Wall Cabinets: These are fixed to a flat wall surface and are ideal for small items. A couple of wall shelves near the mirror or next to your bathtub are very handy for keeping items within easy reach. Wall cabinets are shelves concealed behind doors and these can be used to store linen and other things.

Corner Bathroom Shelves: A corner shelf is one that fits perfectly in a corner and makes optimum usage of this space. Corner shelves work very well in smaller spaces where corners provide the only free space. Corner shelves can be used to store small bathroom accessories like soaps, lotions, shampoo bottles etc.

Free-Standing Shelves: These should be bought only if you have extra floor space in your bathroom. These are convenient because they are portable and can be easily moved or discarded without any hassles.

Recessed Bathroom Cabinet: This kind of decorative shelf can be installed in one of the walls to save floor space. A recessed bathroom cabinet can have multiple shelves to store bath linen and personal bathroom items.

Rolling pullout bathroom shelves: These can be installed in the empty space in the vanity cabinet and provide you at least two or three extra pullout shelves to store bathroom accessories and bath linen. Everything is within easy reach, thanks to the pull out feature and you don’t have to grab anything from the back of the cabinet.

Your storage needs will ultimately determine the kind of style you opt for.

Bathroom shelves are a great addition to your bathroom

Most bathroom shelves are wall mounted and since they use up wall space and not valuable floor space, they are a great storage option for any bathroom, more so the smaller ones. Bathroom shelves enhance space and functionality in your bathroom. They also add a dash of elegance to the room. Shelves create added storage for bathroom essentials or give you space for displaying knick knacks that add zing to the otherwise sedate appearance of your bathroom. Bathroom shelves are a great addition to any bathroom. They help you tidy up and organize by giving you additional space to store things that otherwise clutter the bathroom counter. They come in extremely handy for storing towels, cosmetics and electric appliances like hairdryers, shavers etc. Shelves even work in bathrooms that already have adequate storage space. They put everything within easy reach especially if installed near the sink, shower or bathtub. They also add to the overall theme and decor.

Buying bathroom shelves for your home

  • Before buying a bathroom shelf, one should exactly fix the spot, measure the space and choose a shelf that would exactly fit the dimensions.
  • If you plan install a wall mounted shelf, make sure that your wall is strong enough and so are the knobs/brackets what will hold up the unit.
  • Bathroom shelving units come in different sizes, shapes, makes, and colors. Pick one that complements your bathroom’s décor.
  • Use wall space intelligently by installing the right kind of shelves – wall mounted cabinets, cabinets over the commode or corner shelves.

Check out our range of stylish bathroom shelves

We bring you a stunning range of elegant and practical bathroom shelves to add storage and spruce up your bathroom’s decor at the same time. These include products from Zack, Polder and Blomus, home decor specialists known for their high style quotient and exceptional quality. This wonderful range includes glass shelves, glass and stainless steel shelves, stainless steel shelves, wall cabinets, shower shelves, bath racks, bath shelves, towel shelves, wall shelves, free standing and wall mounted holders. Bathroom shelves help you make the most out of the space at your disposal. They also make your bathroom aesthetically more pleasing. Without your having to spend thousands of dollars! Put up a few of these wonderful bathroom accessories and see the difference it can make to the way your bathroom looks and functions.

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